Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Darn Ice

Weather in Merritt has been weird... +17 last Thursday, -17 yesterday morning (Monday)... but it is getting lighter in the morning... almost daylight at 7 am this morning... we also had 5 inches of snow on Saturday...and of course it covered the ICE... it was agility on Saturday,  Levi knows what day it is... i have special boots that i wear to agility..I went to the shop, kissed the old guy good bye, put Wynn on a leash and headed for the truck, i cut across the lawn... all the dogs were under my feet, wanting to play ball, and Wynn lunged on the leash and i was walking on ice buried in the snow, and down i went.. landed on my bubble butt...of course the fall knocked the wind out of me.. and course all 4 dogs thought i wanted to play... and were in my face,...  I could hardly breath, finally got them away and then tried to stand up, and of course i was sitting on ice, and couldn't get my feet under me, kept slipping on the ice, and there was no husband or son around to help me up... so i called Levi (he is very sturdy) and he stood strong so i could use him to stand up... then i looked around to see if anyone had seen me fall... lucky the snow was dry and was easy to brush off, and then we headed out to classes... we both ran good... i wasn't sore... even had a hot bath with epsom salts, and still felt okay, until i went to bed... and every muscle in my body hurt..i could hardly turn over... been feeling better every day..I hate this time of year, too much ice...  Went to the pool today... nice and warm...had a good swim, and lunch with a friend... Feb 2, Ground hog day... our 43 Anniversary... i can't believe I have been married to the old guy for that long... several times i almost called it quits, but we (I) worked on it, and made it thru the rough times..   My 34 year old son is going to be a GRANDFATHER.... his girlfriend's 17 year old daughter is pregnant...i just can't believe that someone gets pregnant in this day and age if they don't want too.. she is a very smart girl, and i would think that they know better...oh well... I can't be a great grandmother as I have never been a grandmother...  oh well guess that is life... L is watch Goldmining Alaska... what a dumb show... they are so stupid... even I know better...  I'm off to Kamloops tomorrow to get my new glasses, and spend some of my Christmas $$... new bathing suit... and some new jeans.... take care.... S