Sunday, January 23, 2011

A whole week has gone by..

Time sure flies when you get old... although I am only 63, I find the memory forgetting my grocery list, heading down the hall and not remember what i am looking for... getting lost on the agility course... we won't even talk about agility this week... it is so frustrating when I know he can do it, but won't... I don't think he really likes agility, but he does it because i ask him too... he never looks like he is having fun... there are a lot of dogs in agility doing the same thing, but their handlers keep up the struggle... and some day it will work..Denise and I are thinking about coming down to Cloverdale for a trial the middle of March... will try again... I plan on getting him his Starter Standard, and Starter Games titles before we quit... and WYNN is ready to start training...
I miss Jesse... it has been over a year since I have seen her, she was Joe's dog and when he split with his wife, the other grandmother got the dog...I finished her and she got her Starter Standards, and her Starter Games.. she was very slow on the teeter, and we struggle with that, but everyone has struggles... I really do miss her... breaks my heart when someone asks where she is..her colouring is very much like Wynn's, 

Everyone used to laugh at her when she went down on the table... her tail won't quit wagging..shouldn't have done this... can hardly see the screen for the tears...oh well...
Had my 2nd methotrexate shot on Tuesday... 7.5 mg... didn't get sick, and seem to be sleeping better, hips aren't as sore..although for some reason I wake up at 3 am.. and can't go back to sleep.. so i stay in bed when L gets up, he puts Wynn in bed with me, and we both go back to sleep... we slept an extra hour this morning..  so I was late phoning my Mom... which i do every morning...Wynn is getting so smart, she has been misbehaving, so when she comes when she is called, we play with the frizbee, so now she comes instantly... even Jackson is playing with her now... we have had her 4 months and he is just accepting her..well i had better go, need to phone a friend who has just lost her husband.. I try to call her every couple of weeks...have a good nite...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anyone want an Australian Cattle dog cheap

Anyone want 'Levi'...real cheap... the fool got into the alpacas and llama pen today,... and they SPIT on him when he chases them... he came in the house, and stunk so bad i had to kick him back out...he came in with Larry for supper, and i made him lay in the porch until we had eaten... and then i gave him a bath...he has had so many baths for just the same reason, he just hops into the tub...and is well behaved for his bath... what a foolish dog... It is a real skating rink around here today... we went out for supper last night, and they laughed at me as i wore my cork boots... I had to untie Levi when we got home, and his dog house was surrounded with ice... so i didn't land on my butt..they laughed but i was safe... things are still melting.. but so slippery... nite

Saturday, January 15, 2011

would ya believe it

Can ya believe it, but my eyes are much better that I don't have to wear glasses to drive any more... of course close vision is degrading, it got to a point where I couldn't wear my glasses to watch tv... but had to wear them to knit and spin...funny things happen with old age...I have worn glasses since i was 14.. and now at 63, i don't have to wear them...  Road was a little slippery going into Kamloops yesterday, but there were rivers of water up on the Coq when i came home, temperature was +8... and -6 when i got home... then it warmed up last night, and turned everything into ice...Levi and i had a crappy day at agility today... hard to believe he was great last week, and didn't care this week... although last week he was tied up all day as we had the gates open as Larry plowed the driveway... maybe next Friday I will tie him up again and see if that works... may be he used up too much energy playing with the pack... we are off to supper and cards tonight... i am going to be really elegant and wear my cork boots (boots with corks-(kind of like studs in tires) tonight... our drive way is like a skating rink...and i don't want to land on my butt... well i had better go get dressed.. think i will wear jeans with my cork boots...nothing too fancy... have a great night.... nite nite

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow and more Snow

We woke up to about 4 inches of snow yesterday... looks great, and covers up all the mess... it did snow on to straight ICE... so we walk very gently.. almost landed on my butt when i went to feed the dogs..
Levi and I had a great day at Agility yesterday, it was probably the best class he had ever run... he was fast, he listened, and he worked away (I could stand in one spot and direct him to the next obstacle) he found a hidden tunnel hole.. i was really pleased with him... the picture is one taken last summer.. Even Wynn behaved herself at class, I take her and put up the Exercise pen so she is learning to stay in it, and learning that i am not too far away..
This is Dixie enjoying the snow... her and Wynn had a great time
 Yankee has been talking up a storm these days, he is just too funny... he told Wynn to "smarten up" the other day, she was jumping at the cage cuz he was teasing her, he is talking more with strangers around, i
think it is because Teresa and the kids are here a lot
We had to put our old tom cat down before Christmas, and Yankee seems to know that he is gone, as he never calls him anymore... now that i think about it, he never call the old dogs after we had to put them ya think that he knows..
I have been practicing "patience"... not sure it is doing any good yet, but i will keep practising... have a great day

Monday, January 3, 2011

more pictures

Now isn't this different than what i usually do..i really do love the colours...was worried that it would be too small, but it is for my Chinese friend, who is very tiny... hope she likes it...

Dixie and Wynn trying to decide who gets the ball, Dixie used to be the only ball dog, but Wynn loves a good game of catch, and take the ball away from Dixie... so there ya go... two entries in one day.... hugs and lots of patience.....


I didn't get to celebrate Dec 21 like i would have like... it is my very favourite day of the year... summer is coming.. already you can see that it is much lighter at 7 am..  I am working very hard on my 'inspiration word' (thanks Louisa).. 'Patience'  I try to think of it every day...Larry says i don't have much 'patience', but he can be a challenge at times.
Went out for our first game of cards of 2011... girls won of course... hand and foot canasta... you really need patience with that game...
Finally downloaded pictures from Dec 2010... Wynn's picture on the blog... she is such a sweetie for a 'rez'dog..can hardly wait for spring and i can start training her seriously...

Finished another shawl this week... very different from the lace ones... multi colour, with a couple of rows of stocking stitch, and a couple rows of YO and knit 2 together... wild colours..have started another one, very simple, don't have to think about it... although i do forget to do the yarns over..and there are only 4 to the knit row... oh well.... patience...   Pictures are a little late... this is the finger i slammed in the shop door... the door handle broke and i wasn't fast enough when i tried to slam the door

..  Couldn't find Levi or Wynn one day, found them in my about spoiled critters

This is a picture of  Wynn looking out the front window... don't ya just love the ears...they stay that way most of the her such a quizzical look...

We have a glider rocker with a foot stool, and it rocks too... she hops on it and rides it to a stand still.. she won't have a problem with the teeter in agility... little dog is Matt's 'Kayda... poor little thing just about froze when they were up for Christmas... she can't wear her coat as Wynn rips it off her..and uses it for a toy... how can ya tell i love these dogs.... will download shawl pictures later today.... hugs  and lots of patience...