Friday, June 17, 2011

new picture

Hi... how do  ya like my new picture... i took this one about 7 years ago, when my girlfriend was fostering a brood of native children, and we went to a Pow Wow... wish the picture fit better...
Nothing too exciting around here, Wynn is doing well in agility, and seems to be enjoying is a nice small class, only 4 of us, so we get lots of time on the equipment... haven't tried it all out yet, but she does well on the dog walk, the A frame,  jumps and tunnel.and the weave poles...the weather has been terrible, it was very cold and windy..Levi had classes last night...and he did well, he even ran fast for the 'Putz'...but the course was long and he could get up the speed...
We have even had the fire on at night... Larry hates being cold, and I hate being hot..what a
we sure haven't had any summer yet... grass is lovely and green, and the trees bloomed well, I have never seen so many blooms on the Saskatoons, and the Chokecherries... you couldn't see a leaf for the flowers... I have a little Lilac that is a beautiful DARK purple... and it is still blooming... i love the dark ones..
got some of the garden planted, took forever this year... we got some "good earth" soil from a local business that takes sewerage and cooks it over and over, mixes it with coffee grounds, wood products, and then composts it... beautiful stuff, no odor, and very black, so i added some to the garden boxes, will see if it helps... Had a good birthday, L and I took friend Clara out for supper at the 'Keg' in Kamloops, had a very nice meal, and lots of laughs...I got $$ for my birthday, so i think i am going to get myself a 'kobo' reader..they have a new one out..a bit more dollar wise, but I really want one... I have been watching "Game of Thrones" on HBO... and am really enjoying it... so want to read the book.. the paperbacks are $50 for 4 books, and the ebooks are $20 for 4 books... then the kids can always give me gift cards from Chapters..they will never be at a lose for a gift....  it come with 100 books already... all the old classics... better go get supper started... roast, new spuds, and Yorkshires... anyone want to come for supper..... S