Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Sorry, but life got in the way

I have been busy, but haven't gotten much accomplished... I did muck out my bedroom... tons of shoes, and other stuff (crap) went to the food bank... ie.. a pair of slippers that had batteries in them, to keep your feet warm,  a cute pair of cowboy boots that i only wore once, (they were red), and it was tough getting rid of them, but they were a hand me down....a set of 4 pictures of exotic flowers that were still in it wrapping cello..that i really like when i bought them, but didn't like when i got home... one of those big body pillows that someone gave Larry...the closet sure does look better...

Well that was written a month ago and that was as far are i got... I am just getting over the cold/flu what ever ya want to call it..started on Tuesday night, and just starting to feel like i will live...only thing i did today was strip the bed and wash the sheets... of course Larry, Joe and Theresa all had it too... only Larry is still ill.. and of course you know what men are like when they get sick..  I would be so much better if i could quit coughing..I was so sick i even cx my agility class and you know how hard that is for me..
Got a lovely new laptop 2 weeks ago... so sleek and so fast.. bought Larry a wireless mouse..he complained that the old computer was slow, now he complains that the mouse moves too fast..just can't make him happy...
Dogs are all fine, although they miss being out with Larry..Yankee has learned some new words this month... first one being "abandon ship" "abandon ship".. and the other wasnt a new word, he just said it at the appropraite time... we yell at the dogs to leave the cat alone, one night Larry picked her up to put her outside, and as he walked by the cage, Yankee yelled at him "leave her alone"  we laughed so hard i almost peed myself..
Snow is almost gone, although it did snow in Kamloops about 18 inches last week.. not a flake here..
have been spinning up some lovely white blue faced Leicester, love that stuff.. I have done 2 pounds, now i have to find something to make out of it..promised my son's girl a shawlette or shawl depending on how i am feeling...  better go... i need to change the picture, but my mind isn't too clear today..