Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my goodness it has been 5 weeks

1 week ago
Where does time go.... hard to believe it has been  3 weeks since i sat down to write... lets see if i can remember what has happened.... well I turned 63  on the 7th of June... Joe bought me a new dishwasher for Mother's day and my good... better than the other one i had... a whirl pool, this one is a GE, dishes get well washed . and it is much easier to load...I have some very fine glasses,(beer glasses from Lee Valley) they are very thin and  small, and they are very hard to clean by hand, but this dishwasher cleans them  to sparkling
Finally got the garden planted, and of course the dogs run thru it every day... Joe is on holidays and Matt had a week off, so i had both of them at home, plus Joe's girlfriend..what a crowd..Joe, Matt and Larry took a couple of days and headed up to Bella Coola... so I actually had half a day on Wednesday and half a day on Thursday by myself... Teresa stayed until noon on Wednesday, and I had to go to the food bank on Thursday... so i actually had time for me... I knitted on Toni's shawl (6 rows left), ate supper when i wanted too, watched a movie, and just enjoyed my quiet time.... wish i had more days like that...  They enjoyed their trip... just up and back... Matt left his little dog with me... she was so happy as she had her own personal dog park here....playing with all the dogs, sleeping and playing so more... Matt says she is still sleeping..
We had our International knit in Public day... and we only had 3 guests, but it was okay... we got to spin under the huge tree in Baillie house yard... the weather was warm, lots of mosquitoes , but we had a good time..
Levi and I are off to another trial in Lavington (near Vernon) this weekend... my instructor and a bunch of her students went to "Regionals" in Abbottsford this past week... they had a great time, and 5 of  7 of them qualified for Nationals in Calgary in August... not sure if they will go, but qualifying is a good thing... the next class we had after the Regionals, Maureen (instructor) laid out the Masters course that she ran in Abbottsford... and Levi did a good job, ran a clean run... but I am not expecting much from him in Lavington... we will donate again... but it is good practice for him... we are off to class tomorrow, so we should do okay...
Tuesday the 30th of June
Never did get this blog finished last week... sure don't know where time goes these days.... Actually i was sicker than a dog last week.. started on Tuesday, was dizzy and really out of sorts..vertigo.. i think... didn't start feeling human until Thursday... so wasn't sure i could go to the trial in Lavington, but by Thursday I was feeling much better so was able to go, and lucky for me, I felt good all weekend... We had a good weekend.. weather in Lavington(Vernon) was wonderful... warm but had a nice breeze all weekend...Levi did okay the first two runs of the day on Saturday... last trial he went and visited all 4 of the ring crew and the Judge, but these two runs he only visited one of the ring crew... ran clean runs, but was way over time...he actually had about a total of 30 seconds of extreme brilliance in our 8 runs of about a minute each... the last run of the day I decided that i would run the course with or without him... he did well the first 5 obstacles, then went and visited the judge, i got him focused and away i went...without him... Denise said he had the most puzzled look on his face, like 'where the Hell is she going with out me...' I didn't even look back to see where he was... I just kept say... 'i am not waiting, i am tired of waiting for you'...Denise said he did take some jumps on his own...of course everyone was laughing at us... and Denise and some friends were yelling, "go sheila go..." but i think it must have done some good for in our class yesterday he stuck with me really well, the best he has ever run... he slowed down and i told him i wasn't waiting and they said he sped up to catch up to me..... it was a very good class the very best he has done... I was going to purchase some pictures from the photographer who was there, downloaded pictures, but her prices were out of sight...
I FINALLY FINISHED "TONI" SHAWL.... and breathed a sigh of relief... it looks great, but i can't put a picture up as she sometimes reads this mess of a blog.... I can't block it until Joe moves out as i use that bed..... but I have until October, sure glad i didn't have to be in a rush to finish it... have started another one, again it is a surprise, but it is a simpler pattern for dear friend... and then i have another one that will be wild colours that i have to have done by December...spent a couple of nights not knitting just about drove me nuts with nothing to do.... I only knit at night when Larry is out in the shop....
Well we will be butchering chickens in the next week or so... will be glad to have them finished.... check one of the turkeys today, she had over 30 eggs under her... wonder if they are fertile...
Weather has been terrible... we haven't even had our swamp cooler on yet... i see the neighbour had a fire going this morning.... we have also had some thievery going on in the valley, neighbour lost some tools and his electric bike... sure glad we have Jackson on guard duty around here...some boys on a motorbike drove by and he hates motorbikes, so he stood up on the gate and gave them shit...don't think they will be back...i promise i will try and write more... helps settle me down.... have a great weekend... we are off to a 50th birthday party on Saturday.... hope the weather is good... i am taking our shade tent in case it is very sunny or rains...  and i bought him a whole pile of "sparklers" to help him celebrate.... have a good one......... hugs

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June already

Oh my goodness, it is June already... where does time has been so rotten that i don't even have my garden in... but it has been so cold... had cuke plants on the deck and they were too cold and look awful..  
Well Levi and I went to another trial, again we donated our entry fee... I know he can do it, but he gets so distracted and wants to go visit the ring crew and the judge... but then a lot of dogs do that... I am begining to think it might be Dixie wasn't the least bit interested in agility either... well I have decided that i will give him another year, and if it isn't working by then we will quit... no sense flogging a dead horse...
Went to Kamloops for two appointments yesterday... my first Mammogram since the boob reduction..and oh my god, it didn't hurt... first time in 23 years it didn't hurt... I go every year as there is history of breast cancer in my family.. my grandmother, her two sisters, her brother's 3 daughters, and my Mom..we did have the genetic screening and Mom was clear of that gene, so they didn't even test my blood.. and then i went to the Rheumatologist  and she just renewed my prescriptions... I have been feeling crappy but it has to be the cold weather as i had been feeling good..
Meat birds are growing well... Larry is building a screen door for the chick house... it was way too hot in there for them... Still have one turkey sitting on eggs, but they are no good as she has been on them for over 28 days... 2nd hen is sitting on eggs in the shed, so lets hope these ones are fertile..  
We gave Jackson his yearly hair cut last week, he sure looks good, but we have to trim up the edges... he loves to be short coated... loves to be scratched now.... now Dixie and Levi have nothing to grab on too... no long coat..
Spinning  retreat is almost full... can't believe how fast it books up for the fall one...  we have such a good time... 
well had better go make Larry his lunch... and get back out to the garden.... Still working on Toni's shawl for her 60th birthday in November... 450 stitches now... only 50 rows left to do... 25 are pattern rows... can hardly wait to get it off the sticks,I need to see what it looks like... have two more planned by December... these ones will be a lot easier...... have a great day......... sheila