Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June already

Oh my goodness, it is June already... where does time has been so rotten that i don't even have my garden in... but it has been so cold... had cuke plants on the deck and they were too cold and look awful..  
Well Levi and I went to another trial, again we donated our entry fee... I know he can do it, but he gets so distracted and wants to go visit the ring crew and the judge... but then a lot of dogs do that... I am begining to think it might be Dixie wasn't the least bit interested in agility either... well I have decided that i will give him another year, and if it isn't working by then we will quit... no sense flogging a dead horse...
Went to Kamloops for two appointments yesterday... my first Mammogram since the boob reduction..and oh my god, it didn't hurt... first time in 23 years it didn't hurt... I go every year as there is history of breast cancer in my family.. my grandmother, her two sisters, her brother's 3 daughters, and my Mom..we did have the genetic screening and Mom was clear of that gene, so they didn't even test my blood.. and then i went to the Rheumatologist  and she just renewed my prescriptions... I have been feeling crappy but it has to be the cold weather as i had been feeling good..
Meat birds are growing well... Larry is building a screen door for the chick house... it was way too hot in there for them... Still have one turkey sitting on eggs, but they are no good as she has been on them for over 28 days... 2nd hen is sitting on eggs in the shed, so lets hope these ones are fertile..  
We gave Jackson his yearly hair cut last week, he sure looks good, but we have to trim up the edges... he loves to be short coated... loves to be scratched now.... now Dixie and Levi have nothing to grab on too... no long coat..
Spinning  retreat is almost full... can't believe how fast it books up for the fall one...  we have such a good time... 
well had better go make Larry his lunch... and get back out to the garden.... Still working on Toni's shawl for her 60th birthday in November... 450 stitches now... only 50 rows left to do... 25 are pattern rows... can hardly wait to get it off the sticks,I need to see what it looks like... have two more planned by December... these ones will be a lot easier...... have a great day......... sheila

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