Sunday, August 7, 2011

whoopee "summer"

For a while anyway... it hasn't been too hot... just right, about 27-28 all day, and cool at night.. been busy picking raspberries, and black currants..never had so many raspberries, Larry put some of the "good Earth soil" on the bed, and they have really produced, plus the bee hive has fertilized all the flowers.  If i had known that i was going to have so many raspberries, I would  have made "raspberry vinegar" my grannie's recipe... 8 cups of fresh raspberries, covered with apple cider vinegar for a couple days, drain, and add more raspberries... ya do this a couple of times.. then strain and boil, a cup of sugar for a cup of juice... boil and then seal in jars... you use 1/4 cup juice in a glass of cold water and ice... it is so good, although the first taste is very vinegary, but by the time you are finished the first glass you want more...Currants have been very prolific too... nice to have the hive of bees in the yard.... we don't own the hive, our neighbour does, he was away for a month, the bees ran out of room and swarmed.. wish we could have caught them, but they were way up the tree...he will learn.
We have agility in the morning tomorrow, Instructor just changed it to morning, and I love the morning classes, Wyn did fantastic last week... we ran a full course, and she only made one mistake...she is finally enjoying herself, she knows when i put my agility runners on, and gets so excited..but she is so fast, the poor little girl will have to learn to work away as i can't keep up with her, and Levi is doing well too, he seems to be running faster and listening better, we will be going to a Agility trial beginning of Sept. long weekend.. Our instructor is have an agility clinic up at her place the weekend before... i have never been to a clinic, so it should be interesting..the instructor is Kim Gurr, well know in the agility world..she is going to the World National Agility trials in Europe...
We butchered the meat birds last weekend..they were a little too big, but nice and fat... we also got 11 turkeys the end of June, and they are doing well too. boy do they grow fast..Larry had to pick them up as i was away that weekend, so he has been looking after them...
Friend of ours have a Cerebral Palsy  son, and he has found me on face book, and has been trying to talk to me every time i get on it... he gets really bored, and so when i talk to  him so he is happy..i also send him funny jokes of the internet, and he loves that too... he is 14, he rides on his Dad's motorcycle with him..
Had a nice fresh salmon up at Steve and Clara's last night... very good, I ate a lot more than my share, love Salmon... Larry doesn't care for it, so I ate his 2nds' too.   They have 20 or 30 chipmunks up there... they are too funny, wish we had some down here... we have squirrels and they drive Jackson wild, this picture was taken a couple of summers ago... but he does the same... he even tries to climb the trees, but those darn squirrels tease him until he is frantic..
Larry got another old drag saw, he has enough junk to fix until he dies... guess I am the same, only I have enough wool to last me more than one life time... haven't done much knitting or spinning this summer... i guess i should get started again... Spinning retreat is very full. with a wait list..I can hardly wait for October.. have to get something knitted up for the show and tell.... have a great  day.... S