Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hi... okay, I changed the picture, now i have to write something... okay, that's it... I'm done

Okay, just kidding... nothing on the TV for me anyway.. Larry is watching "Swamp People"... dumb, dumb show... all they do is shot alligators..again and again and again..

Got a New computer /lap top... love it, it is so fast..even backed it up on to a memory stick... don't want to loose all my pictures... been going thru them to get rid of the ones i don't want, or the out of focus ones..
Weather has been okay, very little sun, and it is pouring rain right now..need it to warm up so i can go rake the lawn..

Agility hasn't been going too well either... Wynn is limping, so no agility until it is better, but i have been taking Levi, as i had paid for the month, and i didn't want to miss classes that i paid for... He is enjoying himself, I guess he need the winter off... now have to decide if i pay for the next month and wait to see if Wynn is better or take Levi until she is better... have to decide soon.. and the knee has been acting up too... need to go to Dr and see if he can make my boo boo better

Larry and I both had the flu, mine last about 5 days, (I had flu shot), and his lasted 3 weeks, (no flu shot), and he still if feeling weak, he lost 12 pounds, and he can't afford to loose weight.. he is going  to Dr tomorrow, I think he is low on iron...but we will see..

Youngest son is moving again...was in an apartment in Coquitlam, and it had  ROACHES.. just bout drove him nuts, of course he had never even seen one... he had signed a year lease on the apartment, he complained so much they released him from his contract..and is moving into a new building next week... he is so paranoid that he is washing all his clothes and making sure there is no bugs, and then putting them in a box, and duct taping every opening...poor boy..

Desert Mesa Spring Retreat is just around the corner, sure looking forward to it... it is a much smaller retreat, but i like it better, alots of fun..more to go thru my fibres to see what i have left to spin...don't need to buy anything... I have been knitting a shawlette for Joe's girlfriend.. it was suppose to be for her birthday, in Feb... doing the Flower basket, and it is turning out great.. should have it finished before the retreat for a show and tell..
Yankee has been talking up a storm...  he is so funny... Wynn doesn't like Cleo the cat... so we are always watching her with the cat... and I am always telling Wynn "Leave her alone"..One day last week, Cleo was driving me nuts, she wanted out, but won't come to the door... so when Larry came in for lunch, i asked him to put her out (Cleo is his cat), he picked her up and walked past the bird cage, and the crazy bird yelled at him  "leave her alone"... we laughed so hard, he almost dropped the cat... today he kept say.."What ya barking at"..he is picking up our every words so easy now..  I get "Morning Dear" every morning..He is always asking the dogs "do ya want out" Larry taught him to say "abandon ship" abandon ship" is hard to find little sayings for him... if ya think of anything interesting let me know..
okay, off to bed... need to go read for a bit... take care everyone, and I will be BACK.. i promise... nite nite..