Thursday, March 27, 2008

junk room

have you ever had a room that is full of junk..much like Fibber McGee and Molly's closet... does that age ya? was a very old expression my Mom still the door and throw..and slam the door shut... I finished the business year end and delivered it to the accountant on Monday, and decided that the ROOM needed cleaning... I have been working for 2 days now, I can see the floor, but i haven't even gotten into the closet, or the two dressers and one bookcase..i have 3 boxes and 3 bags of garbage, and 3 boxes to go to the food bank..much of it is good stuff, but stuff that my Mom gave me, as she didn't want it telephone, and two separate answering machines...i have 4 boxes of canning jars..a huge bag (5 lbs) of Mohair and wool blend...paints from my tole painting days, which i might try again now that i can find it all..even found the wedding album, boy we were sure cute 40 years ago. ... we are going to put shelves up in there, as i don't have room for the Roaster and cake pans that won't fit into the kitchen... Food Bank" will have a ton of stuff to give away when i am done.. Why did i save the boxes that Marie Caron sent me my finished fibre back in..i guess i thought i would get them back to her...why did i save 10 wicker baskets, 4 old frying pans that i will never use again...I guess i just hate throwing things away... I thought that i was good at throwing away stuff that i didn't use for 2 years...guess not..just remembered why i saved the old frying pans, i was going to use them for feed troughs for my baby chicks...maybe i will go rescue them from the garbage and put them in the chick house.. or maybe not...I would love to have that room clean enough that i could move all my fibre into there... put shelves in the closet, or just maybe just the Tupper wear containers.. i have at least 10 of them, and i know 6 of them have wool in them, and the others have my good stuff ??? what that is i don't know...just good stuff... shoes, purses, really good stuff that i haven't even looked at for at least 5 years... look out house here i come...hide or get thrown out....if you haven't heard from me again soon, send out the rescue team, i might get lost in the mess..

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Day after Easter

hi...we had a nice quiet Easter, friends were coming over for supper, but the hubby got the flu and a cold, so he stayed home, but his wife did come.. and of course we drove Larry nuts, we were going to have a deep fried turkey, and Dave always cooked it, but this time Larry had to cook it... what a hoot, as all he ever cooks are bacon and eggs and beans and wieners.. of course the weather wasn't good, and the wind was blowing, but he did cook our little 10 lb bird, and it turned out great... send home spuds, veggies, salad and turkey to the sicky... Larry called Glynis to day to tell her he had pneumonia from cooking the bird in the cold..what a brat...
Finished spinning up some lovely red merino from is called "cherry" and is a nice red..i got 850 yards out of 250 grams. It is such a treat having Andrea in the Valley now..half an hour drive and we have her store at our finger tips.. she is on her way home, camping in Chile after 2 or 3 weeks in the Antarctic. She had a lady house sitting and doing the store stuff, turns out she used to live in the area and we know lots of the same people.. she also did agility, so we had lots to talk about.
My leg healed slowly all week, Larry did all the chores which really helped, I went to agility on Saturday and my leg was aching at the end of Jesse's class, so i was glad the day was over. We have a class off next weekend as Maureen is away taking a course, that means she will work our buns off the next weekend teaching us everything she learnt..I found there is an agility group on Yahoo, so signed up for it, much like Canspin, but dealing with dogs. Dixie was stubborn on Saturday, i couldn't get her over the first jump, she kept going around the jump, worked and worked with her till she figured it out... she did everything else right... I have been yelling at her to get out of the sheep pen, and then give her &*(% , so i think i will quit swearing at her, and just tell her "good girl" when she jumps out of the pen...and of course Jesse was great as usual although i couldn't run as fast with my achy leg.. I finally figured out how i hurt my leg... Saturday morning last week, i got both feet stuck in the mud/poop in the sheep pen... right up to my ankles and i really had to pull to get i think i wretched my knee...
Very cold today, with a skiff of snow this morning..and wind all day..well i had better go find myself something to spin while i soak the "cherry" wool for a couple of hours... see ya

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

twice in one day

Hi you are so lucky to hear from me twice in a day... went out and took some pictures of the Hug me Shawl for my friend who suddenly lost her husband.. colour isn't good... Andrea called this colour Jade, looks more like forest green in real life... i have also downloaded a couple of pictures of a brooch that was
giving to my Grandmother from her brother after the Boer War... those little clumps on the blade of the shovel and on the handle are gold nuggets... i sent some pictures off to Maynards to see if they can appraise it for is well over 100 years old... maybe it is worth a fortune... giggle...

Monday, March 17, 2008

we "Q"ed

I know, I know you have no idea what i mean... Jesse (Grand dog) and i went to our second Agility trial yesterday, had a really great day.. there are several games that you play along with the standard agility runs... one is called the "gamble"... in this game you have to earn 20 points by taking different obstacles worth anywhere from 1 to 7 points... and then you have to finish with what is called the "Main gamble" and that is in this case, 3 different pieces of equipment and you have to send your dog from 10-15 feet away..and you have to do the whole run within 60 seconds, well little wonder dog and i qualified in the gamble, that means no mistakes, and well within the time... which was a real courage booster... we didn't do as well on the standard run, but we did make a 3rd out of 6 dogs.. I had hurt my leg at our regular class on Saturday, and it felt pretty good on Sunday, till i finished my second run, and then it really started to hurt... doesn't hurt when i sit or stand, just when i take a step, it hurts in the back of my knee... i took some Tylenol, but that didn't even touch it, so i scratched Jesse for the last run.. can hardly move this morning, so called Dr and have an appt for this morning... Larry offered to do chores this morning, i think he is afraid if i don't look after my leg, he will have to look after me.... about time don't ya think... sure hope it isn't something serious... i have an agility class on Saturday..can't miss that... it would be like missing a guild meeting, and i really hate to miss one.. next one is Wednesday, i missed the last one, so just have to go... L is going to see his leg surgeon on Wednesday, he will just have to go by himself..i need to go spinning... i need to get a picture of that shawl as i am going to deliver it to it's new owner on Wednesday...
Dr figures i just twisted my knee and sent me for x rays... and put me on anti inflammatories...hope it works..i need to go back to agility... take care

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

bright light

Things are way better today... L had the colonoscopy today.... and is feeling really good..... HURRAY........... he drove over to Klps and i drove home, he was in the procedure room for over an hour, which really scared me, as they usually do the procedure as soon as they put him in the room, but the DR got lost, or was somewhere else, so they had to wait for her, over half an hour, and of course i am sitting out there panicking as the nurse said it would only take 15 to 20 minutes, so after 70 minutes i was just a little worried..but there was nothing.... she figures the internal bleeding came from his taking aspirin and Plavex for his heart... took too many blood thinners...but it was a good purge, got rid of all the winter sludge...and he is feeling good... will take a week or two to build up his strength... but i won't have to hubbysit anymore.... now i can look forward to going to OLDS see ya

Sunday, March 9, 2008

finally the light at the end of the tunnel

hi... L is finally feeling human... he ended up in ER overnite Thursday nite i guess it was... his hemoglobin was way down, and then we ended up in Kamloops at 7 am for a stomach i had to leave here before 5:30 to get him there in time... they couldn't find anything, so have to go back for a colon scope on Tuesday... but he is definitely feeling better... I even got to go to agility yesterday... anyone want a dog cheap... that darn Dixie... she did really well for the first 45 minutes, but the last 15 minutes almost killed me...she wore me right out... just won't do what i asked her to do...stubborn... and collies aren't usually stubborn, they love to please... she does love to please, until she figures she has pleased me enough, and then it is quits.. and then there is Jesse... what a love, she just goes and goes... she did really well yesterday, we have a trial next Sunday, i hope she does well...we need a boost after fighting with Dixie for weeks and weeks.. i have to figure out how to get Dixie more excited about agility...
I have been knitting away on the shawl... decided that two more pattern sets should just about do it...then i will post a picture..
I didn't get to go to Fibre Fest as we were in Kamloops...did everyone enjoy them selfs....... was it as good as was the new venue...???
Well, i had better go get the HOME GROWN chicken out of the oven.... first real meal we have had in over 2 weeks.... see ya

Thursday, March 6, 2008

from bad to worse

things are not much better around here... Larry still is feeling like crap... went to Kamloops on Wednesday for his barium x ray... a friend drove him as I got the flu on Sunday in the wee hours of the am, and spent the next two days in he had to do a few chores, but now i am feeling better, but he is feeling rotten... just called the Dr and hopefully he will call me back before bed time, makes one wonder why a Dr takes on so many patients in a day that he can't deal with emergency's... or the day the Dr is on call that he doesn't cut his office patients in half so no one has to wait all day just to see him...
Had a lamb on Sunday, and then two more on Tuesday, and everyone was doing great, full bellies, and warm mouths(sure sign that they had nursed ),went out yesterday am, and found the last two DEAD... no idea why... i think i will get rid of them, i think i have had enough... i only have 4 big ewes and the ram left, and 10 Shetlands, with no i think i will get rid of the sheep and just keep the llama and the alpacas.. they are fairly easy to handle.. and then not replace any dogs as they go... mainly so i don't have worry about outside chores when we can't do chores... and of course the kids aren't around when you need them..or just plain don't want to help when you need help

what a whinner i am today...i just needed to vent, and you guys are my first choice... Of course i can't go to Fibre Fest this weekend either... i wonder if i will ever leave this place again for something i want to do... I will try to get to agility this Saturday, and then the trial next weekend..hopefully..... i won't know till the day before... got to go.... i am tired of my own whinning... see ya

Saturday, March 1, 2008

can't believe it has almost been a week

Where does the time go... it has been 6 days since i wrote... Larry is still sick.. finally took him to Dr on Thursday, who sent him to hospital for blood tests and a shot for the pain... just did a bit of good, so went back that nite for another one... that one didn't work much better, so ended back in ER at 8 am, and they put him on IV and gravol,and he stayed there all day.. can't figure why they put him on gravol, as he wasn't sick to his stomach...and then we were back again this morning for more blood tests as his hemoglobin was dropping... Dr figures he is bleed internally, so we go back on Monday for more blood tests.. and then more tests in Klps during the week... so i guess there goes my trip to Fibre Fest...i was planning on going down Thursday and staying with my Mom overnight, doing FF on Friday and then coming home.... doesn't sound like it will work... I am really glad the sheep are holding off lambing.. i just couldn't deal with that on top of everything else...
My girlfriend had a wreck with her African Grey parrot on Thursday...he tangled with her new pup,(8months), and he lost... torn loose his bottom beak... local VET has wired it together, so she will have to spoon feed him..he must be feeling better as he told her to "shut up" on the way home..he is not a people friendly bird, doesn't like to be handled and bites...i am so glad that Yankee and i are buds..he has never bitten me, even when we take the dremel tool to sand down his nails..or clip his wings... he takes my finger in his mouth and just hangs on, no pressure at all..
I am suppose to be going to agility tomorrow, they changed the date, will have to play it by ear to see how Larry is feeling...i sure hope he is better by tomorrow...times like this i wish we lived in the city... 5 minutes from the hospital, no fire to stoke, and no animals to feed. Just day dreaming.... take care...