Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Day after Easter

hi...we had a nice quiet Easter, friends were coming over for supper, but the hubby got the flu and a cold, so he stayed home, but his wife did come.. and of course we drove Larry nuts, we were going to have a deep fried turkey, and Dave always cooked it, but this time Larry had to cook it... what a hoot, as all he ever cooks are bacon and eggs and beans and wieners.. of course the weather wasn't good, and the wind was blowing, but he did cook our little 10 lb bird, and it turned out great... send home spuds, veggies, salad and turkey to the sicky... Larry called Glynis to day to tell her he had pneumonia from cooking the bird in the cold..what a brat...
Finished spinning up some lovely red merino from is called "cherry" and is a nice red..i got 850 yards out of 250 grams. It is such a treat having Andrea in the Valley now..half an hour drive and we have her store at our finger tips.. she is on her way home, camping in Chile after 2 or 3 weeks in the Antarctic. She had a lady house sitting and doing the store stuff, turns out she used to live in the area and we know lots of the same people.. she also did agility, so we had lots to talk about.
My leg healed slowly all week, Larry did all the chores which really helped, I went to agility on Saturday and my leg was aching at the end of Jesse's class, so i was glad the day was over. We have a class off next weekend as Maureen is away taking a course, that means she will work our buns off the next weekend teaching us everything she learnt..I found there is an agility group on Yahoo, so signed up for it, much like Canspin, but dealing with dogs. Dixie was stubborn on Saturday, i couldn't get her over the first jump, she kept going around the jump, worked and worked with her till she figured it out... she did everything else right... I have been yelling at her to get out of the sheep pen, and then give her &*(% , so i think i will quit swearing at her, and just tell her "good girl" when she jumps out of the pen...and of course Jesse was great as usual although i couldn't run as fast with my achy leg.. I finally figured out how i hurt my leg... Saturday morning last week, i got both feet stuck in the mud/poop in the sheep pen... right up to my ankles and i really had to pull to get i think i wretched my knee...
Very cold today, with a skiff of snow this morning..and wind all day..well i had better go find myself something to spin while i soak the "cherry" wool for a couple of hours... see ya

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