Tuesday, March 18, 2008

twice in one day

Hi you are so lucky to hear from me twice in a day... went out and took some pictures of the Hug me Shawl for my friend who suddenly lost her husband.. colour isn't good... Andrea called this colour Jade, looks more like forest green in real life... i have also downloaded a couple of pictures of a brooch that was
giving to my Grandmother from her brother after the Boer War... those little clumps on the blade of the shovel and on the handle are gold nuggets... i sent some pictures off to Maynards to see if they can appraise it for me..it is well over 100 years old... maybe it is worth a fortune... giggle...

1 comment:

Sharon in Surrey said...

Love that little shovel!!! Great thing to wear on a shawl or an Aussie style hat!