Saturday, February 20, 2010

First clean Run

Whoopee... Levi had his first clean run...the course was a very fast one, and he did really well, and of course the mistakes were mine..but the last run was perfect... he did what i asked and his weave poles were great... he was better than all the other dogs in his class..(hope the handlers don't read this).. they have been at it for at least 2 or 3 years...and he hasnt been at for a year yet.. we have been practising weaves here at home, and some jumps..and boy does that make a difference... when i ran Jesse, we never had any practice time as i only had her an hour and a half a week, and that was for classes...
Anyone need a dog... this little fellow is looking for a new home.. his name is Kujo(awlful name, but i think he would answer to JOE..
He is a shih tzu/pomeranian cross, a year old and neutered.. Lady who owns him works and doesn't have time for him... he is free to an EXCELLENT home.. and i have to approve the home... It is a good thing that Larry won't get to see him, or he would be coming home with him... he is such a soft touch for critters needing a good home... we are so pleased with Levi... stubborn, but he is listening better all the time... Weather has gotten colder, -5 this morning... but we can't complain as it is only February... I had lambs born one Feb, they were black and by the time i got out to see them. they were white with we had better quit complaining... Jackson right now is trying to climb the power pole to get at the squirrels that are teasing is a big game for the dogs and the squirrels..
I have almost finished my jacket... and of course it is too small...i bought the magazine cause i loved the jacket,but it had only one size so i  had to fiddle around with needle size to get it bigger for my big i thought i had it right... then i had a problem with the pattern and went to the authors website to look for corrections, and won't ya believe it, but she had the pattern "FREE" with small, medium and LARGE sizes..and of course the large size would have been so much better for me... lucky for me, there is several rows of crochet edging, down the sides and down the front... so i will just add more rows of crochet... and so far it looks good..but i find i can't crochet and watch the Olympics at the same time..I can knit but not crochet.. so i should get it finished this week, and then i start another shawl for a 60 year old friend, then i have several more shawls to do for friends who won't be 60 until i am too old to knit.. better go do something... have a great day.... S

Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening ceremonies

I am not too excited about the "O", but i did watch the opening ceremonies tonight... nothing else on the tube, and i needed to have something on while i knitted... i was impressed, they did do a good job..too bad the other arms for the flame didn't come up, but that is life... I feel that the money they spent on the "O" could have been spent on other things... homes for the homeless, school lunchs and breakfasts for kids who need it...better hospital service, more help for seniors... i could go on and on... but there is nothing i can do about it.. 
Weather sure has been nice, warm, but no was +8 today...
Had AGM at the Food Bank yesterday, and i am now Secretary ... nothing too serious, but i guess i can help out a bit more... I spent 20 years volunteering at the Senior's intermediate care Residence... I just had to change... there are several things that i would like to change, but that will come as things progress...
Levi and I are off to agility in the morning... he did really well last week... we ran with advanced dogs and he did everything i asked of him, instructor said he was the best in the class...I know i am blowing our horn, but he really did well..and that makes me feel good...better go to bed.... see ya

Friday, February 5, 2010


I forgot it was February and time to change the picture... how do ya like the squirrel, sure is a cutie..

Forty two years of wedded bliss

Ya right... it is really hard to believe we have been married 42 years... Feb 2... ground hog day...    We decided to go out for supper on Tuesday, and Merritt doesn't have anything exciting for a restaurant... so we went to Kamloops, I had to pick up my Christmas present, MY new sunglasses...and return a dog halter.. of course i didn't have the reciept for the halter so had to take a credit, which is fine, but i just didn't have time to look for something... i wanted a retracable leash for Levi, but theirs were way to expensive, they have the same type at Wally's world for half the price, so will save the credit for a toy for Yankee... Levi could pull out of the halter, and that is not what i wanted, so i bought another one, and he hasn't been able to pull out of it yet... he has such a square head and short nose... Then we went out for supper to "the Keg", a very nice restuarant... as we were celebrating our anniversary they gave us a nice dessert... but we were so full we couldn't eat it... Larry had scallops wrapped in bacon, and lobster and steak, and i had calamari and then Prime rib... (my favorite steak is rib steak, which is prime rib cut into steaks..) and as they didn't have rib steaks i went with the prime rib... it was really good.. could hardly eat it all... it was nice to spend some quiet time together and just chat about life..
Levi is doing really well with his agility, he is finally getting the idea that this is suppose to be fun... one of my agiltiy buddies was laughing at us last week, he wasnt going too fast, and i told him to hurry up, and she said he speeded right up..I have been practising "weave poles" and some jumps at home, and he is finally starting to bounce through the weave poles.. it is a front two footed bounce.. makes them go faster..I am really pleased with him... although as soon as we get to the class he won't do it... but as long as we keep practising he will learn that he has to do it all the time...I can hardly wait to take him to a trial...we are going to the earliest class on Saturday as we are playing cards early on should be interesting as these are dogs that he doesn't know... so he might get a bit this is when the halter will work...
Weather has been nice, hardly freezing at can stay this way till April for us...

One of the Shetlands hasn't been feeling to good this week... this is her taken this summer after she was sheared.. "Hay stack" is her name... i know a really weird name, but she was an orphan we bottle raised, and she always followed us around, and when we feed the sheep from the wheel barrow she was always under your feet, and kept getting hay all over her... so  "haystack" cause that is what she looked like... gave her some 'ketamalt' whick is like a good dose of cod liver oil, and she is feeling better.. don't ya love the horns... they make good handles..well better go do some laundry, wash the floor, vaccum the living room... too many damn animals in this place.... have a good one.