Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening ceremonies

I am not too excited about the "O", but i did watch the opening ceremonies tonight... nothing else on the tube, and i needed to have something on while i knitted... i was impressed, they did do a good job..too bad the other arms for the flame didn't come up, but that is life... I feel that the money they spent on the "O" could have been spent on other things... homes for the homeless, school lunchs and breakfasts for kids who need it...better hospital service, more help for seniors... i could go on and on... but there is nothing i can do about it.. 
Weather sure has been nice, warm, but no was +8 today...
Had AGM at the Food Bank yesterday, and i am now Secretary ... nothing too serious, but i guess i can help out a bit more... I spent 20 years volunteering at the Senior's intermediate care Residence... I just had to change... there are several things that i would like to change, but that will come as things progress...
Levi and I are off to agility in the morning... he did really well last week... we ran with advanced dogs and he did everything i asked of him, instructor said he was the best in the class...I know i am blowing our horn, but he really did well..and that makes me feel good...better go to bed.... see ya

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