Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh my goodness it has been months since i have written... so sorry to my readers...

Had a truly crappy summer, I hurt my knee the end of June, and hobbled around all summer..went to Dr and he did no good, so finally went to a massage therapist, and he did help, but still hurting as of waiting for appt with a specialist..and of course because i am favoring my right leg,my left foot is screaming in pain.. Son Joe bought L and I tickets to the Yankee Mariner ball game end of July, so I hobbled all weekend... We stayed at Tulalip Casino, what a lovely place...didn't do any shopping at the Factory outlet stores near by..lucky I didn't have to walk too far at Safeco field.. 

Had fairly good luck with the greenhouse, couldn't spend as much time out there as I would have liked..(leg hurt)... we did grow a huge pumpkin... 46 lbs.. it is still waiting to be cut up... pumpkin pie until we look like pumpkin..  

Desert Mesa spinning retreat was great again... full to the rafters.. started making plan for the 10th year will be a 3 day retreat...thats what everyone wanted... ya never know might make it a 3 day retreat from now on... who knows...

Haven't done agility since June with the sore knee... Maureen was running Wynn for me, until one day she (Wynn) came up really lame... wasn't putting any weight on her right leg...both of us sure miss it... took her to a Holistic Vet on Thursday, and of course she wasn't limping much.. but Dr Mills did some chiropractic and acupuncture work on her... hope it works... she does seem better today..

we had a major tragedy end of October.. Levi died of a major blood disorder..what a shock...a dear friend of mine in Kelowna wrote a poem in memory of our boy..

Just a dog.... An Ode to Levi    by Lisa Dennis

My devoted Levi, your spirit's passed
Now only memories, I'm left to clasp
An unloved mutt, who'd been kicked around
dumped like trash at a local pound.

You came to us, and taught us much
about patience, praise, and human touch
Who adopted whom? It's hard to say
But all our lives were changed that day

An agility star, you'd never be
too stubborn willed and fancy free
No dog sport wonder, "Just a dog"
our beloved pet and blanket hog

Yet for one who live so long alone
You completed us, made house a home
Now you've left our side and shall not be back
God's called this dog to complete His pack

Okay, now that i have cried my eyes out... and shared my heart ache... i will go and feed the chickens and get some laundry done....