Friday, August 28, 2009

First time in my life

For the very first time in my life, i had stitches for an injury…i know at my age, you would think i would be more careful… Joe turned 33 (yuck) on Monday, and yesterday was his first day off… so he came over for his birthday supper… he wanted roast, roasted spuds, and Yorkshires..and we had garden peas/carrots, and beans, and i made him a chocolate cake…cooked the roast on the bbq…on the supper was ready, and i started to cut the roast… and went to cut the string holding it together… and the knife slipped and i cut my hand…about 1.5 inches below my little finger, well i bled like a stuck pig…it was only about an inch long,but i can say that i have never bled so much… and of course it won’t quit.. and was squirting… so Larry took me into emergency… (only the 2nd time in my life i have gone there ,nope i lied, the 3rd time..)..we got there at about 6 pm, I was the 2nd in line, and we didn’t get out of there until 8:30.. i would hate to have to go to ER down at the coast especially for something as simple as a cut …here our Drs take turns at the ER… so this one must have gone home for supper before he came down…it must have been 7 before he got there… the guy in front of me chopped his hand with an axe.. so he had a lot more stitches… only 3 for me…but never before in my life, even my boys never had stitches… a few trips to the ER. .Matt was riding his motorcycle up the hill and was looking back at his dust and he ran his knee into a tree.. and Joe too was there, but i can’t remember why he was there… hurt his arm i think… so Poor Joe had supper all by himself..don’t know what we were thinking about, but i could have driven myself into town… Larry could have stayed home, ate his supper while it was hot, and fed the sheep and dogs… but i guess he felt he had to look after me, as i looked after him for weeks, months and years…better go… Larry is going to teach me how to drive Joe’s Quad… hope i make it back alive…. Guess what, i made it back… only a short drive around the block… it was nice, it is a automatic, so i don’t have to worry about is a beautiful warm night, with a very warm breeze..didn’t go to far, as it is Friday nite, and there is always lots of traffic on the road…i find it very hard to steer, but Larry tells me that the faster ya go the easier it is to steer… but 10-15 klicks an  hour is fast enough for me…. big chicken i am…

I am almost finished the birthday shawl for my friend, (our vet)…think i will really get it finished this week, it was her birthday last week… also found that another friend turn 60, so there is another one to do…  Jesse and I are off to a agility trial next weekend, just read on the “wild fire” site that there is a fire up there… hope they get it under control really soon…It is Larry’s birthday tomorrow… i bought him a digital camera that i gave him a couple of weeks ago, and a book on bees, and a jar of blueberry honey… if he is interested enough i will buy him a bee hive for Christmas..we will get it in the spring… i don’t eat much honey, but it is nice once in a while….  okay… better go do some knitting…. hugs

Saturday, August 22, 2009

its me again

HI.. have a few minutes between batches of pickles…one more to do and then i just have to wash the floor… i can hardly move on it as it is so sticky..

Did 5 qts of dills, something i am not good at, but Larry wanted some, and then a batch of cucumber slices.. like bread and butter, but have onions and red and green peppers..

just went out and took a picture of a rose, a Don Juan climbing rose…just planted it this year… and it is lovely… i picked 3 for me in the house, and they are a lovely dark red, so thought i would go out and take one of the outside ones… and the colours is so differentIMG_0002_4 but the sun is shining on this one…IMG_0005_6 they have a nice rose scent… hope it makes it thru the winterIMG_0007_2 this is a lily that i bought, it was suppose to be pink… but was a lovely yellow, and the scent was very strongIMG_0009_2 here is Jackson one evening as he and i were playing ball…the ball has a handle on it, he has had since he was a pup..loves his ballIMG_0002_2 here he is cooling off after playing ball… he loves the is a small sprinkler so he can stand over itIMG_0005_4 IMG_0029 here he is soaking ass wet..  we gave him another haircut the other day.. just shortened him up for the fall..will take a picture of him looking good…IMG_0012_1 here is Larry’s garden taken a couple of weeks ago…had beans, peas, beets, cukes and pickling cukes… and spuds… but i was not happy with them… they were all mushy..anyone have any idea why or how to fix it… IMG_0023 our new neighbour has put a bee hive down here… Larry loves watching them… we figure these are the young bees cleaning house..IMG_0001_3 this one is of the bees drinking out of the bird bath..they love it..IMG_0004_1 this is a little sparrow preening after a bathIMG_0030 this is a picture of the smoke in the valley during the Brookmere fire… the wind has cleaned up the smoke, but there are a lot of new fires this weekend…  okay… enough pictures and must go wash the floor…. see ya

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

two days in a row

What a surprise… two days in a row… took Levi to agility last nite… he sure wasn’t with the program… there were only 2 of us, so we tried putting the jumps up to 22 inches which is the height he will jump when we start trialing(i hope)..and he just didn’t want to jump that high… i had to cheerlead him thru all the jumps… the A frame, dog walk and teeter were fast, but not the jumps, so we put it back down…i wonder if 22 inch jumps is hard on his shoulders as he is a stocky will be at least a year before we can put him in a trial unless he really figures it out…. Woke up at 4 am, with a stiff neck and a headache, got up and took some Tylenol, but never did back to sleep..took Jesse up to classes, but felt spaced out… and didn’t think i could run her, so the instructor did… she did okay, but i just had to come cancelled my lunch date with Clara, dropped Jesse off and headed home… crawled into bed and slept for an hour… feel some better, but still a little spacey…got 10 pounds of beets done, only 3 qts… still have 10 pounds left to do… thought i would get more qts.. so i guess that i will have to leave the ones in the garden until they are bigger… better go get the other beets cooking… talk to ya soon….

Monday, August 17, 2009

Well Hello…. been a long time

It has been just too long since i had a minute to sit and write… don’t know where the time goes, but it flies, guess cuz i am getting old..

Just got back from the coast, left on Wednesday, and returned yesterday… wore my Mom out… she slept like a log the first two nights i was there…Thursday we were on the road from 10 am to about 3…i decided i needed to buy a good set of dog clippers, we had used the old set of cow clippers that we have had for a 100 years..18 inches long and weighted a ton, we used them on Jackson when he got his spring hair cut, and we used them again on Meg,(old border collie) last week… we used the alpaca head on her… and i hate to tell ya this, but i cut the end of her tail off…1/8 of an inch and boy did it bleed…we finally had to cauterize it… and she was so good..and she feels so much better… her hind quarters were all matted…i felt terrible, but it was an accident… anyway these new ones should be better, then we had to go into Cloverdale… and pick up my final cheque for my inheritance… they had sent me a cheque weeks ago, and i deposited it and when they decided that they gave us too much money, so they wanted 400 bucks back… i never got a letter about it, so i just waited, and i went into the bank on Tuesday, and the damn Notary had put a stop payment on the cheque, and they had overdrawn my acct by way more than i had in it…i was not a happy camper… anyway i called them when i was down there, and she had my cheque ready… to this date, i still haven’t gotten a letter about the mistake…i thought a Notary was suppose to make things easier… it took over 18 months to get our money..i sure won’t ever use a notary for my huge (giggle) estate…

Also went to Costco for a few things… and then of course we had to go out for supper… and oh my goodness the casino was right next we spent an hour there… i played for over an hour on 20 bucks… that is fun…

I made supper for Mom’s friends while i was there… they never get to eat at her place as she finds it too difficult to do… so i made them chicken and spuds and spinach salad and frozen cheese cake… it was good… then on Saturday i took 3 of them to the agility trial..they seemed to enjoy it, and of course several of the dogs really goofed off.. one little Wheaton terrier had a great time, tugging on the chute, digging holes, and charging around the ring, and back and forth thru the tunnels..and of course won’t come back when he was least he had fun..then we stopped and picked up some blueberries..they are huge this year… and very tasty…I left the coast a little earlier than i planed as there was a transport accident and they said the road was single lane.. so i left about 9 am, and then stopped at Wisbeys for veggies… they have such good prices… bought 5 lbs of peppers for 3.50… nugget spuds for 1.98 for 5 lbs..and 20 lbs of beets for Larry…that should be enough beets for him… so this morning i am cooking beets and washing jars, i decide i would also make a batch of blueberry jam…just for a change… also plan on going out to pick chokecherries for some jelly.. well i had better go and throw the laundry into the dryer… (i have been trying to get Larry to put me up a cloths line…) have a great day….