Friday, August 28, 2009

First time in my life

For the very first time in my life, i had stitches for an injury…i know at my age, you would think i would be more careful… Joe turned 33 (yuck) on Monday, and yesterday was his first day off… so he came over for his birthday supper… he wanted roast, roasted spuds, and Yorkshires..and we had garden peas/carrots, and beans, and i made him a chocolate cake…cooked the roast on the bbq…on the supper was ready, and i started to cut the roast… and went to cut the string holding it together… and the knife slipped and i cut my hand…about 1.5 inches below my little finger, well i bled like a stuck pig…it was only about an inch long,but i can say that i have never bled so much… and of course it won’t quit.. and was squirting… so Larry took me into emergency… (only the 2nd time in my life i have gone there ,nope i lied, the 3rd time..)..we got there at about 6 pm, I was the 2nd in line, and we didn’t get out of there until 8:30.. i would hate to have to go to ER down at the coast especially for something as simple as a cut …here our Drs take turns at the ER… so this one must have gone home for supper before he came down…it must have been 7 before he got there… the guy in front of me chopped his hand with an axe.. so he had a lot more stitches… only 3 for me…but never before in my life, even my boys never had stitches… a few trips to the ER. .Matt was riding his motorcycle up the hill and was looking back at his dust and he ran his knee into a tree.. and Joe too was there, but i can’t remember why he was there… hurt his arm i think… so Poor Joe had supper all by himself..don’t know what we were thinking about, but i could have driven myself into town… Larry could have stayed home, ate his supper while it was hot, and fed the sheep and dogs… but i guess he felt he had to look after me, as i looked after him for weeks, months and years…better go… Larry is going to teach me how to drive Joe’s Quad… hope i make it back alive…. Guess what, i made it back… only a short drive around the block… it was nice, it is a automatic, so i don’t have to worry about is a beautiful warm night, with a very warm breeze..didn’t go to far, as it is Friday nite, and there is always lots of traffic on the road…i find it very hard to steer, but Larry tells me that the faster ya go the easier it is to steer… but 10-15 klicks an  hour is fast enough for me…. big chicken i am…

I am almost finished the birthday shawl for my friend, (our vet)…think i will really get it finished this week, it was her birthday last week… also found that another friend turn 60, so there is another one to do…  Jesse and I are off to a agility trial next weekend, just read on the “wild fire” site that there is a fire up there… hope they get it under control really soon…It is Larry’s birthday tomorrow… i bought him a digital camera that i gave him a couple of weeks ago, and a book on bees, and a jar of blueberry honey… if he is interested enough i will buy him a bee hive for Christmas..we will get it in the spring… i don’t eat much honey, but it is nice once in a while….  okay… better go do some knitting…. hugs

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