Saturday, August 22, 2009

its me again

HI.. have a few minutes between batches of pickles…one more to do and then i just have to wash the floor… i can hardly move on it as it is so sticky..

Did 5 qts of dills, something i am not good at, but Larry wanted some, and then a batch of cucumber slices.. like bread and butter, but have onions and red and green peppers..

just went out and took a picture of a rose, a Don Juan climbing rose…just planted it this year… and it is lovely… i picked 3 for me in the house, and they are a lovely dark red, so thought i would go out and take one of the outside ones… and the colours is so differentIMG_0002_4 but the sun is shining on this one…IMG_0005_6 they have a nice rose scent… hope it makes it thru the winterIMG_0007_2 this is a lily that i bought, it was suppose to be pink… but was a lovely yellow, and the scent was very strongIMG_0009_2 here is Jackson one evening as he and i were playing ball…the ball has a handle on it, he has had since he was a pup..loves his ballIMG_0002_2 here he is cooling off after playing ball… he loves the is a small sprinkler so he can stand over itIMG_0005_4 IMG_0029 here he is soaking ass wet..  we gave him another haircut the other day.. just shortened him up for the fall..will take a picture of him looking good…IMG_0012_1 here is Larry’s garden taken a couple of weeks ago…had beans, peas, beets, cukes and pickling cukes… and spuds… but i was not happy with them… they were all mushy..anyone have any idea why or how to fix it… IMG_0023 our new neighbour has put a bee hive down here… Larry loves watching them… we figure these are the young bees cleaning house..IMG_0001_3 this one is of the bees drinking out of the bird bath..they love it..IMG_0004_1 this is a little sparrow preening after a bathIMG_0030 this is a picture of the smoke in the valley during the Brookmere fire… the wind has cleaned up the smoke, but there are a lot of new fires this weekend…  okay… enough pictures and must go wash the floor…. see ya


Lynne said...

Garden looks good enuff to eat. Congrats on doing such a good job.

Denise said...

We are going to try something I saw on a video I have with our potatoes next year. Instead of putting them in the ground you put down several layers of newspaper on top of the ground, place the potatoes on top in a row and then cover with 8-12 inches of straw. When the potatoes start to sprout you put 8-12 more inches of straw on top. Not only is this easier to plant but they will be dirt free. Now to find some straw...