Friday, October 31, 2008

where did the week go

this was last weeks blog, never did get it finished, so here it is anyway
Hi, what a busy week, and i only went into town on Wednesday.. Matt (youngest son) came up on Tuesday with his new little pup, a miniature pinscher, 10 weeks old, i weighted her on Wed and she weights 3.5 lbs... a very smart little girl, he calls her Kayda
isn't she a cutie... she doesn't have much coat... that spot under her neck is like peach fuzz
here she is with Jackson... she is a smart little girl, she learned to sit for me, in a matter of minutes..

Monday, October 27, 2008

How come men are such pains at times... for 20 years i have wheeled the wheel barrow around a cut off stump in the gate to the sheep pen, and since Larry has been doing the chores, he dug up the stump... when i asked him to take it out, he ignored me... and the stump, but it is gone he had to wheel the barrow around it twice a day... not an important thing when it bothered me, but he had it out in less than a month when he had to deal with it... oh well, at least it is gone...
Here is my partner in crime, Donna and her buddy Carol...a really good picture, think i will get a copy of it printed off and send it to them...
Love this picture of Toni... i have no idea what she was doing, but the look on her face was priceless..

And this is the infamous "SockLady", Lynn... what a character she is, and a very talented knitter...would love to go visit her one day to see just where she lives..

Matt, the youngest son is coming up today for a couple of days, he has a week off work so is coming up for some R and R... bring his new puppy, so i will get some pictures of her and get them posted.

Friday, October 24, 2008

more pictures

this is Karen modeling her 60th birthday shawl, only 1.5 years late... don't ya just love the colour.. cherry red from Aurelia Wools..
Karen and i glad to be friends... don't ya just love her smile
Wendy and Mona enjoying each other's friendship..

Heather and Trixie spinning their hearts out...

Weather has been very cool, but i do love the fall... the birch tree really lost its leaves in the wind..i love the look of them on the lawn... Larry cut the lawn for the last time on Wednesday, we get so many pine needles and if you don't get them up in the fall, it is really hard to rake the lawn in the spring... looks nice and tidy right now... I spent half a day painting the new "roll away nest box" (for our 4 chickens) yesterday... painted it RED... looks good, and then of course Larry decided that he would use the paint sprayer for the 2nd coat, would have been nice to do the first coat with the sprayer..oh well..Dixie is so funny with the new chickens, she figures they are just for her, she won't let Jackson near the hen house, she sneers at him, but if she growls at him, he lays a lickin on her..

Dixie and Jesse and i are off to agility tomorrow.. first time in 2 months..hope i can run with them... if i find it too hard, i will have to start working out..need to dig out the long johns, i hate being cold... going to wear the new sweater from the Socklady... very fine Merino long sleeve... and my new gloves from Karen (need to take a picture of them)... talk to ya soon....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i must be getting old

I must be getting old as i put two of the same pictures in two different blogs.. old, i am getting
this is the other Sheila from my guild... 12 members and two Sheilas..

.this is Julia playing her hand made Harp... what a beautiful sound to spin relaxing, and we all enjoy it so much
this is Bernice, Karen and Toni acting as a swift for Laura as she rolled up the ball, they were swinging like a swift... goofy old girls, and Doris concentration on her silk spinning

this is Teresa, Sue, Renate, and Suzanne spinning by the door.. they always grab the door, as some times it gets pretty warm in our room..

Had an interesting guild meeting yesterday, Annie and the other Sheila decided that we needed to learn new things, so we have set a project, nothing too exciting, but fingerless gloves.. and made with lace or cable, something that you have not done before and we even set a date to work for.. and we set a date for our Christmas party, but we didn't exchange names which we should have done...

We had company show up Tuesday nite, an old driving buddy of Larry's when he used to drive long distance, a really character, and lots of fun... also had the son and daughter in law over for supper, so we had a nice visit with everyone, and then the youngest son called, he was over at Grandma's where he vacuumed her van and washed all the van windows... he takes such good care of his ole grandma. He is planning on coming up for a visit soon, with his new puppy, a miniature pincher, who he called Kayda he needed the company and the exercise. Well i had better go muck out the bathroom and then go out and paint my new nest boxes... more pictures tomorrow.... hugs

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More photos of the reteat

this is the meeting room, can't remember if it is early morning or while everyone is at a is a lovely big room with lots of windows and fairly good lighting at night.

this is Gail, wonderful spinner and who smiles all the time and the "Socklady", who knits wonderful complicated patterned socks..and is a really talented spinner, and a true pioneer as she lives beyond 'no where' all by herself

this is Karen wearing hair thingy given to her by her granddaughter, who really knows her grandma, who is know to some of us as "she who will not be noticed", she had a purple one, red one, and a teal one, which she did wear everyday
This also belongs to Karen, a little yellow toy lizard given to Karen by the same granddaughter. Karen had wanted a dragon for Mother's day, but the granddaugther gave her this lizard instead, and told Karen "and you will like it" so that is the lizard's name "and you will like it".(this is Toni stepping on "so you will like it" as he squeaked) So you can figure out that our conversations run the full gammet of subjects, grandkids, granddogs, hubbys, kids, animals, wild life, colours, knitting, spinning...anything you can imagine came up in the conversations...
this a close up of the birthday stole i gave Karen for her 60th birthday that is only 1.5 years late. The pattern is "Falling garden" by Sivi Harding , i don't have a picture of Karen wearing it, but will get one from the others who did take a picture of her wearing it...okay... better go, want to clean out the back porch today, i have decided that i will do one clean up a day... next will be the kitchen drawers that have stuff in them that i have never used...see ya soon

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another great Retreat Fall 2008

What a wild weekend, I do have the goofiest friends...they are all certified CRAZY...every last one of them... we had 49 guests this year, and it was just the right amount... Doreene drove out here and we headed off to Cache Creek in my Jimmy... as i had so much stuff to take... we turned on to Hwy 1 at Spences Bridge, and spotted a whole herd of Big Horn Sheep just across the road..2 huge rams with huge horns, and about 18 other sheep, young rams and ewes..really great to see... We also stopped at Coyote Bluff, a great gift store, and then off to Cache Creek to meet Donna for lunch, we arrived at the RETREAT at about 1, and there were guests there all ready..and so the weekend started. It was wonderful to meet old friends and make a few new ones this weekend. We had more giggles than a bunch of teenage girls..I took a bunch of pictures, and some turned out really great..
this is a quiet moment in the life of the retreat
Toni, and Diane goofying off..

This was the background music supplied by one of the soothing and easy to listen to..

Well that is all for today, i am tired and need to hit the hay...hope everyone arrived home safe and sound... will write again tomorrow and have a batch of goofy pictures.... nite nite

Thursday, October 16, 2008

carmel corn/Desert Mesa

Morning... am making way too many batches of camel corn...just put the 3rd double batch of carmel corn in the oven.... i started making it years ago for Tulahead spinning retreat, and haven't been able to stop... i think the guests would send me home to make it, if for some reason i didn't make it for the retreat... also made a mistake of taking it to a agility trial, and everyone gave me a hard time at the last one when i didn't make it, as i ran it out of time.. it is so much better than the bought stuff... i had a craving for some one day when i was in Kamloops and bought some commercial stuff, and it was awful, won't do that again... making an extra single batch for my girlfriend who say i never make her any...only one more sleep till Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat... i can hardly wait..2 days away... we start about 2 pm on Friday and go till about 2 pm on Sunday...i won't be much help this time around, as i still can't lift too much...but i sure need to get away, and show off my new boobs..
Took Jesse to agility on Tuesday, i can't run her yet, so a friend was going to, but her dog got sick and she stayed home, so my instructor ran her for me... which was good for both Jesse and I... Maureen got see what i was doing wrong, well not wrong, but helping her along to much..but she runs really well for just about anyone, she loves it so much, she just looks at me on the side lines, and if the handler has treats, she does't care who she runs weekend i will start running her and Dixie... should be able to do it by then..
Had an interesting email from a lady in Ontario, who read my blog on the breast reduction, she is having one in November, and was concerned about the pain, and of course i had very little, so i hope she is as lucky...I am doing fine, i even put an old bra on this morning, and was amazed at how well it fit.. nothing hanging over, am going to Kamloops on Tuesday, so will go for a real fitting... i can hardly wait to get a bra that fits..
We got 4 hens and a rooster from Andrea on Tuesday...and have 2 eggs already.. Larry has that chicken house so warm, they will start molting again... well better go and finish the last batch of carmel corn and get the truck loaded so i don't have to anything in the morning... will write when i get back....Sheila

Thursday, October 9, 2008

another quiet day

Morning, sure don't know where the time has gone, 3 weeks since my surgery, I am doing fine, still a little tender, finally took all the tape off, it was starting to peel my skin that feels better too.. still not lifting anything, and am going to start walking this afternoon, need to get my strength back..Guild had our bi weekly meeting at Andrea's yesterday, we helped her get her wool sample cards finished... took us an hour and a half, and there were 5 of us plus Andrea working on them..must take her forever if she does them herself...had a good visit while we worked. Only a week till Desert Mesa, i sure need to get away... Larry has a cold and like all men, he thinks he is dying..he is feeling better today and slept better last night, and has gone to town today, we need new antifreeze in the Jimmy, so i imagine he is doing that... he is grumpy, cuz i think he is tired of doing all the chores, that i have done for years...he only has to feed two different pen of sheep, and the dogs...big deal eh!...hopefully the one pen of sheep will be out of here by the weekend... and then we can turn the other pen into the big pen with the Long neck lizards as he calls the Llama and the alpacas.. going to babysit Judy Sue's little silky dog and her single they are off to the island this weekend..seem we have a different dog every weekend... Ben, the shitz/Pomeranian, Jesse, jack russel X, and Lavender a silky..
Finished my shawl for show and tell at Desert Mesa, blocking it, and then just have to add some bling..will put the pictures up as soon as the birthday girl get it..i used some of Andrea's Cherry merino, it turned out very nice, changed the gauge of needles, as i found my homespun was a little thick...i have 3 shawls to do as gifts this next for April, one for Aug and one for Dec... so i had better get my rear in gear on get the yarn spun up.. April's is done, and Aug is almost done, and haven't decided on what to do for Dec's... better go and print off the mailing lists for the retreat... talk to ya soon sheila

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

finally got to drive

Well, it has been two weeks today since i became perky...hard to believe where the time has gone...decided that i could drive, so started yesterday, was a little sore last night, but feeling good today... think i will start walking today, take the dogs up the hill for a short walk... ... Took Jesse to agility yesterday, i didn't run her, my friend did, Jesse worked really well for her, she wanted to run so bad she didn't care who she ran has been a month since i last took her.. and she has put on quite a bit of weight, she was worn out by the end of the class yesterday..Joe and Kelly are off to Edmonton on Friday, so Larry is picking her up today, and she will get a good start on her diet..Got rid of 6 of the Shetlands on Sunday, got a neighbour to come up and help Larry separate the Shetlands we are keeping, the big sheep who are going this week (i hope) and the Shetlands Judy Sue was going to take...So now we are down to 12 Shetlands and one llama and 4 alpacas, should really cut down on the hay we use...Larry likes the Shetlands, and he is upset that we have to give up the big sheep..he really like the old ram "Jack"... who is a really big baby..but it is time to start cutting back... one day we will be down to the "long necked lizards" (llama and alpacas) as Larry calls them..and hopefully we won't replace the old dogs, 5 dogs is 3 too many..we just can't go anyway with all these critters...better go and walk the pups....