Friday, October 24, 2008

more pictures

this is Karen modeling her 60th birthday shawl, only 1.5 years late... don't ya just love the colour.. cherry red from Aurelia Wools..
Karen and i glad to be friends... don't ya just love her smile
Wendy and Mona enjoying each other's friendship..

Heather and Trixie spinning their hearts out...

Weather has been very cool, but i do love the fall... the birch tree really lost its leaves in the wind..i love the look of them on the lawn... Larry cut the lawn for the last time on Wednesday, we get so many pine needles and if you don't get them up in the fall, it is really hard to rake the lawn in the spring... looks nice and tidy right now... I spent half a day painting the new "roll away nest box" (for our 4 chickens) yesterday... painted it RED... looks good, and then of course Larry decided that he would use the paint sprayer for the 2nd coat, would have been nice to do the first coat with the sprayer..oh well..Dixie is so funny with the new chickens, she figures they are just for her, she won't let Jackson near the hen house, she sneers at him, but if she growls at him, he lays a lickin on her..

Dixie and Jesse and i are off to agility tomorrow.. first time in 2 months..hope i can run with them... if i find it too hard, i will have to start working out..need to dig out the long johns, i hate being cold... going to wear the new sweater from the Socklady... very fine Merino long sleeve... and my new gloves from Karen (need to take a picture of them)... talk to ya soon....

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