Thursday, October 23, 2008

i must be getting old

I must be getting old as i put two of the same pictures in two different blogs.. old, i am getting
this is the other Sheila from my guild... 12 members and two Sheilas..

.this is Julia playing her hand made Harp... what a beautiful sound to spin relaxing, and we all enjoy it so much
this is Bernice, Karen and Toni acting as a swift for Laura as she rolled up the ball, they were swinging like a swift... goofy old girls, and Doris concentration on her silk spinning

this is Teresa, Sue, Renate, and Suzanne spinning by the door.. they always grab the door, as some times it gets pretty warm in our room..

Had an interesting guild meeting yesterday, Annie and the other Sheila decided that we needed to learn new things, so we have set a project, nothing too exciting, but fingerless gloves.. and made with lace or cable, something that you have not done before and we even set a date to work for.. and we set a date for our Christmas party, but we didn't exchange names which we should have done...

We had company show up Tuesday nite, an old driving buddy of Larry's when he used to drive long distance, a really character, and lots of fun... also had the son and daughter in law over for supper, so we had a nice visit with everyone, and then the youngest son called, he was over at Grandma's where he vacuumed her van and washed all the van windows... he takes such good care of his ole grandma. He is planning on coming up for a visit soon, with his new puppy, a miniature pincher, who he called Kayda he needed the company and the exercise. Well i had better go muck out the bathroom and then go out and paint my new nest boxes... more pictures tomorrow.... hugs

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