Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More photos of the reteat

this is the meeting room, can't remember if it is early morning or while everyone is at a meal..it is a lovely big room with lots of windows and fairly good lighting at night.

this is Gail, wonderful spinner and who smiles all the time and the "Socklady", who knits wonderful complicated patterned socks..and is a really talented spinner, and a true pioneer as she lives beyond 'no where' all by herself

this is Karen wearing hair thingy given to her by her granddaughter, who really knows her grandma, who is know to some of us as "she who will not be noticed", she had a purple one, red one, and a teal one, which she did wear everyday
This also belongs to Karen, a little yellow toy lizard given to Karen by the same granddaughter. Karen had wanted a dragon for Mother's day, but the granddaugther gave her this lizard instead, and told Karen "and you will like it" so that is the lizard's name "and you will like it".(this is Toni stepping on "so you will like it" as he squeaked) So you can figure out that our conversations run the full gammet of subjects, grandkids, granddogs, hubbys, kids, animals, wild life, colours, knitting, spinning...anything you can imagine came up in the conversations...
this a close up of the birthday stole i gave Karen for her 60th birthday that is only 1.5 years late. The pattern is "Falling garden" by Sivi Harding , i don't have a picture of Karen wearing it, but will get one from the others who did take a picture of her wearing it...okay... better go, want to clean out the back porch today, i have decided that i will do one clean up a day... next will be the kitchen drawers that have stuff in them that i have never used...see ya soon

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