Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another great Retreat Fall 2008

What a wild weekend, I do have the goofiest friends...they are all certified CRAZY...every last one of them... we had 49 guests this year, and it was just the right amount... Doreene drove out here and we headed off to Cache Creek in my Jimmy... as i had so much stuff to take... we turned on to Hwy 1 at Spences Bridge, and spotted a whole herd of Big Horn Sheep just across the road..2 huge rams with huge horns, and about 18 other sheep, young rams and ewes..really great to see... We also stopped at Coyote Bluff, a great gift store, and then off to Cache Creek to meet Donna for lunch, we arrived at the RETREAT at about 1, and there were guests there all ready..and so the weekend started. It was wonderful to meet old friends and make a few new ones this weekend. We had more giggles than a bunch of teenage girls..I took a bunch of pictures, and some turned out really great..
this is a quiet moment in the life of the retreat
Toni, and Diane goofying off..

This was the background music supplied by one of the soothing and easy to listen to..

Well that is all for today, i am tired and need to hit the hay...hope everyone arrived home safe and sound... will write again tomorrow and have a batch of goofy pictures.... nite nite

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Louisa said...

Glad you all had fun! Post more pics so we can enjoy your retreat vicariously, eh?

Recently found out T's cousin is a friend of yours. Did she mention our little chat at her mom's 90th birthday party?