Thursday, October 16, 2008

carmel corn/Desert Mesa

Morning... am making way too many batches of camel corn...just put the 3rd double batch of carmel corn in the oven.... i started making it years ago for Tulahead spinning retreat, and haven't been able to stop... i think the guests would send me home to make it, if for some reason i didn't make it for the retreat... also made a mistake of taking it to a agility trial, and everyone gave me a hard time at the last one when i didn't make it, as i ran it out of time.. it is so much better than the bought stuff... i had a craving for some one day when i was in Kamloops and bought some commercial stuff, and it was awful, won't do that again... making an extra single batch for my girlfriend who say i never make her any...only one more sleep till Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat... i can hardly wait..2 days away... we start about 2 pm on Friday and go till about 2 pm on Sunday...i won't be much help this time around, as i still can't lift too much...but i sure need to get away, and show off my new boobs..
Took Jesse to agility on Tuesday, i can't run her yet, so a friend was going to, but her dog got sick and she stayed home, so my instructor ran her for me... which was good for both Jesse and I... Maureen got see what i was doing wrong, well not wrong, but helping her along to much..but she runs really well for just about anyone, she loves it so much, she just looks at me on the side lines, and if the handler has treats, she does't care who she runs weekend i will start running her and Dixie... should be able to do it by then..
Had an interesting email from a lady in Ontario, who read my blog on the breast reduction, she is having one in November, and was concerned about the pain, and of course i had very little, so i hope she is as lucky...I am doing fine, i even put an old bra on this morning, and was amazed at how well it fit.. nothing hanging over, am going to Kamloops on Tuesday, so will go for a real fitting... i can hardly wait to get a bra that fits..
We got 4 hens and a rooster from Andrea on Tuesday...and have 2 eggs already.. Larry has that chicken house so warm, they will start molting again... well better go and finish the last batch of carmel corn and get the truck loaded so i don't have to anything in the morning... will write when i get back....Sheila

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