Thursday, October 9, 2008

another quiet day

Morning, sure don't know where the time has gone, 3 weeks since my surgery, I am doing fine, still a little tender, finally took all the tape off, it was starting to peel my skin that feels better too.. still not lifting anything, and am going to start walking this afternoon, need to get my strength back..Guild had our bi weekly meeting at Andrea's yesterday, we helped her get her wool sample cards finished... took us an hour and a half, and there were 5 of us plus Andrea working on them..must take her forever if she does them herself...had a good visit while we worked. Only a week till Desert Mesa, i sure need to get away... Larry has a cold and like all men, he thinks he is dying..he is feeling better today and slept better last night, and has gone to town today, we need new antifreeze in the Jimmy, so i imagine he is doing that... he is grumpy, cuz i think he is tired of doing all the chores, that i have done for years...he only has to feed two different pen of sheep, and the dogs...big deal eh!...hopefully the one pen of sheep will be out of here by the weekend... and then we can turn the other pen into the big pen with the Long neck lizards as he calls the Llama and the alpacas.. going to babysit Judy Sue's little silky dog and her single they are off to the island this weekend..seem we have a different dog every weekend... Ben, the shitz/Pomeranian, Jesse, jack russel X, and Lavender a silky..
Finished my shawl for show and tell at Desert Mesa, blocking it, and then just have to add some bling..will put the pictures up as soon as the birthday girl get it..i used some of Andrea's Cherry merino, it turned out very nice, changed the gauge of needles, as i found my homespun was a little thick...i have 3 shawls to do as gifts this next for April, one for Aug and one for Dec... so i had better get my rear in gear on get the yarn spun up.. April's is done, and Aug is almost done, and haven't decided on what to do for Dec's... better go and print off the mailing lists for the retreat... talk to ya soon sheila

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SYLVIE said...

I just happened on your blog and I'm glad I did, I'm going for a breast reduction Nov. 5 and was really scared of the pain but after reading about your operation I'm not so scared anymore.

I can't wait for my husband to do the cooking, shopping and opening car doors for me ;)

glad you're doing well!