Wednesday, October 1, 2008

finally got to drive

Well, it has been two weeks today since i became perky...hard to believe where the time has gone...decided that i could drive, so started yesterday, was a little sore last night, but feeling good today... think i will start walking today, take the dogs up the hill for a short walk... ... Took Jesse to agility yesterday, i didn't run her, my friend did, Jesse worked really well for her, she wanted to run so bad she didn't care who she ran has been a month since i last took her.. and she has put on quite a bit of weight, she was worn out by the end of the class yesterday..Joe and Kelly are off to Edmonton on Friday, so Larry is picking her up today, and she will get a good start on her diet..Got rid of 6 of the Shetlands on Sunday, got a neighbour to come up and help Larry separate the Shetlands we are keeping, the big sheep who are going this week (i hope) and the Shetlands Judy Sue was going to take...So now we are down to 12 Shetlands and one llama and 4 alpacas, should really cut down on the hay we use...Larry likes the Shetlands, and he is upset that we have to give up the big sheep..he really like the old ram "Jack"... who is a really big baby..but it is time to start cutting back... one day we will be down to the "long necked lizards" (llama and alpacas) as Larry calls them..and hopefully we won't replace the old dogs, 5 dogs is 3 too many..we just can't go anyway with all these critters...better go and walk the pups....

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spinquilt said...

I don't read blogs for two weeks and look what happens. Your neck and back must be feeling better already. Looking forward to seeing you this month. Take care and big hugs.