Thursday, September 25, 2008

8 days since

Hi... it has been 8 days since the surgery, and i am feeling better every pain, just uncomfortable, went to Dr today, got him to check the incision, so i could have a shower... and he gave me the go ahead... i hate not being able to shower, but i almost knocked Larry over getting to the bathroom, sure felt good, and i sure do smell better...Went to the guild meeting, they are just great, gave me a real boost in self esteem and confidence, i didn't stay too long, as Larry is still driving me around, and is opening doors for me still... He is off to Kelowna tomorrow, taking our friend to Kelowna to catch a plane, i of course offered him to take her... they like each other so will chat the whole way... Just heard from a friend who has moved up to Bowren Lakes, she has 10 acres up there, with a log cabin, bears, wolves, and cougars are her nearest neighbours, but she say she sleep with a 30/30 rifle... she has a young Airedale and 5 chickens and a cat for company... she is sure braver than i am...but she loves it up there.... better go and get supper started, i am slowly starting to cook, Larry does the stuff that i don't want to do, just incase i pull a stitch.... talk to ya soon..


Gail from Surrey said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling so much better. You'll be good a new by DM! Take care!......gail

Sharon in Surrey said...

Take your time recovering!! Let Larry look after you a little longer - remember the bad leg???? Remember how YOU had to do it all??? Let him have the same experience - it's good for him!! Men NEED to appreciate us once in a while . . unless you really can't stand his food.