Monday, September 22, 2008

Tiny boobies

For all those who know me, I am (was) very well endowed in the boob department... I have been having problem with my neck, back and shoulders, so have been wanting a "breast reduction"...I started about 4 years ago, thinking about it, then Mom had breast cancer, and we did the genetic testing thing... turns out that she didn't carry the hereditary breast cancer gene, that took over 15 months to get the appt and then the results, but we were happy with the results, so then i really started looking for a surgery, a dear Friend had hers done by a woman surgeon in Vancouver, took Dr name into my family GP, and they didn't carry thru with it... so i waited for a couple of months and then got on the GP's case, got an appt right away, then Larry broke his leg, so another delay, got 2nd appt when he got mobile, then he had to have 2nd surgery, so another cancellation... finally got another appt for April this year... and as i am a little overweight(giggle) she wanted me to lose 20 pounds before she would do the surgery, so i got right at it, lost the 20 pounds, and then had to wait for the BC medical to approve the surgery, so i finally got an appt for surgery Sept 17..and then I began to doubt myself, but Larry was very supportive, so i gritted my teeth and had the surgery last hour surgery and it was all done, they kept me in hospital overnight as i am a diabetic and they want to keep track of the blood sugar..they got the pain under control in the first hour, I was amazed at how little pain there was after that and that was the last pain meds i took till i got back to Mom's, and then it was just Tylenol, extra strength. I am uncomfortable, but no real pain, and i am starting to itch, not very polite scratching the boobs... so now i have much smaller boobs that are PERKY...Larry is being very good, but he owes me big time... i went thru cardiac artery surgery, heart attack, and two surgeries on his leg...he is a very poor cook, so he is taking lessons, and is finding out that it is not too bad... Larry has been really good, he has helped change the dressings, opens car doors, did the laundry yesterday and even washed my hair today...they surprise us sometimes...I can hardly wait to go buy a new bra...but that will be a while yet...i weighted myself before the surgery and again when i got back home to Mom's and to my dismay i had gained 6 pounds...but i think it was all the IV they give ya.. but i am feeling good, and am enjoying doing nothing for a day or two..i have been teasing the fleece (blue faced Leicesters) i bought in Olds... beautiful stuff... going to try and knit this afternoon... hope it doesn't hurt.... will write soon........... hugs sheila


Sharon in Surrey said...
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Sharon in Surrey said...

New BOOBS!!?? Wow! I'll be interested in seeing them at Retreat. The Boytoy has suggested I get mine fixed too ever since the day he saw the ruts in my shoulders but I'm too damned chicken! I hope they're everything you wanted, LOL
I'm sure that 6 pounds will disappear when the swelling goes down - I swear hospital food is full of MSG!!