Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weird pictures this time around

hi..what a beautiful morning today...cold but now sun is shining and it is warming up nicely...Have had a great week... played canasta with the gang last night, we played till midnight... way too late for this old lady... but the girls beat the guys again... sure ticks them off, and we love it... I am going to add a few pictures today...

this is some kind of grinder, flour, corn, hay.. does anyone have any idea what it would be used for... our eldest son found it for his dad, who just loves rebuilding old machines..if anyone knows or knows of someone who might know, please feel free to email me.
I found this caterpillar in my bucket of chokecherries, those eyes on his head are not eyes they are just markings.. he was very big, about 2 inches long and as big around as my thumb..i just loved him... put him on the small chokecherry bush by the gate, wonder what he would look like after he became a moth or butterfly or what ever...

this is a gate sign painted by one of my friends, Clara, Larry gave her several old saw blades, and she painted this sign for us... i have seen several things painted on old blades, and i really didn't care for them, but i really love this one..and she is very talented, I had tons of paints, books, and brushes, and i haven't painted for years, so she got it all...i know if i ever want to paint something, i will be able to get some of it back... but don't think i will paint again..

We are getting ready to head to the coast tomorrow for a few days, leaving the bad dogs, Dixie and Jackson at the kennel down the road, the neighbour is going to come in and feed the sheep and the old dogs(the ones who don't get into trouble), we are taking Yankee with us, as Larry figures he will freeze if we leave him alone in the house.. we heat with wood, so there won't be any heat in here while we are gone..I have been going down to the kennel to visit Andrea's dog Locket... Andrea has never left her at a kennel before, and was worried she would stress out, but Mr Parker really liked her so takes her out to do her business, she is a retired "seeing eye dog" and won't do her business on cement... i take her down to the river and we play with a stick for 20 minutes. I picked my "grannie smith" apples today, it would just be my luck that a bear would come in while we were gone, and eat them all... with Jackson and Dixie in the yard, i would never worry about a bear coming in to get them...going to pick my peaches this after noon

it is a self pollinating"Canadian Harmony", free stone, they are still hard, but i am going to pick them this afternoon, and put them in the fridge till i get home

well better go empty the dryer and add the 2nd load... getting ready to go tomorrow... just laundry and packing to do.... will write when i get back... hugs sheila

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