Wednesday, September 10, 2008

crazy people in our lives

Had our first guild meeting Wednesday... only 6 of us showed up... several are away, one just got out of hospital, one had cataract surgery yesterday...Andrea stopped by, she is leaving tomorrow for a cruise on an 18 passenger wooden boat from Ketihcan to Bella Coola.. 10 days, no cooking, and hopefully they will see the "spirit bear" to the strange people in my life... about a year ago, i got a phone call from a lady who wanted help to fix up a spinning wheel... anyway i invited her to a guild meeting, but was unable to go myself, turns out that she is 96 years young, anyway she never came back to any meetings, life just got in the way for her...anyway she phoned me couple of weeks ago, and she had some wool that she would like to have spun up... so i told her that i would mention it to the guild, and see if any of them would do it, plus i told her that we would have to see the fleece before anyone would commit to spinning it to her... so she has phone several times over the last two weeks, and in one of these calls, she mentioned it was from her father's prize sheep, now do you remember i said she was that fleece was really old, but she was sure it would be fine, that it was well wrapped up... so anyway she was going to bring it to the meeting , and then she phone back and told me that her car was getting fixed and could i pick her up, so that was organized, until this morning and she told me that she had just become a great grandmother and that her family was all excited, and that she couldn't' come with me..but could i pick up the fleece, so of course i picked it up, and when i did i asked her how old she thought the fleece was... it was from the 1950's so that make the fleece almost 60 years i took it to the meeting and took it out of two orange plastic bags, a box and a cotton bag..and must to my surprised it looked okay... that is until i picked it up... and it was so brittle that when i tugged on it, it broke into tiny pieces..but what would you expect of wool at least 60 years old, it might even be older... so i took it back to her, of course she wasn't' home, so i just left it on the step... had a few things to do before i came home, but by the time i got home she had phoned twice... and the last message said, she thought the fleece looked really anyway i called her back and left a message that it was brittle and nothing could be done with it... haven't heard back from her, so hopefully i won' won't be too bad if she was really interested in the meetings, and she didn't have such a whinney voice... Went to visit "Locket" Andrea's dog in the dog kennel down the road, and she is doing fine, i took her down to the river and threw a stick for her for half an hour... what a lovely dog...and very well trained... i am putting my two Monsters in the same kennel on Monday as we are off to the coast for 4 days, neighbour is coming in to feed the sheep and old dogs, but those two, Jackson and Dixie will just get into too much trouble if we are not it is much easier to put them in the kennel and then not worry about them... we are talking the bird with us... Larry figures he will freeze to death here in the house, as we don't have any heat on yet, (we heat with wood), so will take him to Grandma's and all the neighbours will come to hear him talk, which he probably won't do with strangers around.... better go get my act in gear and get to town and then stop and walk "locket" on my way home... hugs

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