Wednesday, September 3, 2008

busy week

so sorry, i haven't been writing lately, don't know where the week has gone..We did a demo at the local Fall Fair this weekend, had a great time, love talking to the old guys who know all about spinning wheels...and the little boys who really want to try a wheel, and try to convince you that they know how to spin... it was really cold there on Sunday, had to go outside into the sun to warm up... Well I sold my old ewes and ram... to a woman who i know will look after them... 4 ewes and a ram...she had a cattle ranch for years, and does know animals, although not much about sheep...she has already sold Jack's fleece for next year...i will miss them, but the cost of hay keeps going up, and i never get enough for the lambs to pay for the hay... it is a losing venture... we will keep the Shetlands, although i am looking for homes for a couple of the lambs if you want one, the price is right...Shetlands don't eat as much, so hopefully the hay will last longer... my plan is eventually to get rid of the sheep and just keep the llama and the alpacas...and buy mini bags of hay cubes for them... someday down the road... Youngest Son was up for a couple of days, he just bought himself a new bed, he had bought one years ago, but couldn't afford the frame, so he has slept on the floor for years, now he can afford a better bed, and of course you need a step ladder to get into these new ones.., but he does like it... I am still working on my stole for a birthday gift... so won't show it to ya until i get it finished and she had it wrapped around her... I have been skirting this year's fleece, they are really nice, i think the cold weather last winter really helps make them fine, and soft... Toni wants "little bit's" fleece, but if you remember Larry was here by himself when the shearer came, and he didn't mark the bags, so i guess she will have to have both of the white fleece, cuz i can't tell which one is which...Jack's fleece weight 12 pounds after a very heavy skirting.. must have weight about 15 or 16 pounds before...and of course it is a lovely fleece, a lovely shade of gets lighter and lighter every year... I washed a chunk of a couple of Shetland fleeces, and they are very nice too...I guess i will have to get my rear in gear and get them washed... i also have that "blue face Leicester" that i bought with Kerry at olds... it is a real beauty... i must email the lady who raised them, as i would like another one... well better go... Oh yeah, i remember what i was going to mention.... i bought some of the new Tide with Dawn Stain Scrubbers, and boy does it work good... first time i used it, i used it on Larry's coveralls, and it took out all the oil stains out, so much so that he even noticed it... wanted to know what i did to get them so clean, at the time i didn't know, but then remembered that i had used the new bottle of Tide, and since then i have noticed that it has really gotten OLD stains out of some of my work T shirts..and the whites seem much whiter...give it a try...oh yeah, i also bought some rubber balls that go into the dryer... don't know if you ever wash new blue jeans, but they always come out really wrinkled..and they have to be washed a couple of times to soften them up... well "Coopers"(jimmy pattison grocery store here in the Interior) had these blue balls, (they look like a dog toy), so anyway i threw the jeans in the dryer with these balls, and i was amazed at how NOT WRINKLED they were... the jeans not the balls... it has been a good week in the clean clothes department...

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