Monday, August 25, 2008

a whole week has gone by

Where has the time gone... it has been a whole week since i last wrote, don't know why other than life has been boring and i don't think you need to read about my really boring week..I have been trying not to go to town too often, with the awful price of fuel...although i do go 3 times a week, last week it was 4 times...went to Agility with Jesse on Tuesday and meant to do my shopping then, but i had a weird tummy and came right home and went to bed for a couple of hours...had company coming for dinner on Sunday so cleaned house all week, took Dixie to agility Thursday nite, and then went shopping on Friday, and then went to Baillie house to sit and spin under the huge old tree... it was a great day, warm and we all (6) sat under the shade... had a good visit, we need to catch up... First guild meeting will be 10th of Sept...will be good to see everyone again... We played Canasta on Sunday... 6 of us... the women really beat the men.... and we loved every minute of it... Larry and i went to Kamloops today... he had gotten tri focals, and he really didn't like them, so we took them back and they are going to replace them... We also went to visit friends... they are both 86, and Elsie had a stroke about 18 months ago, spent 3 months in the hospital, and then the last year in a Seniors Residence..make me laugh as she always looked after her hubby, Danny.... she did everything for him... he had no idea how to do anything about the house... with the stroke, she hasn't been able to talk, so he does all the talking... and he is really looking after her now... he even left the farm about 30 minutes out of town, and moved into a Senior Apartment complex right behind the Seniors Residences, and he goes over to her every day, and is with her from the time she wakes in the morning, he brings her back to his apartment, takes her back for lunch and then back to the apartment again ... anyway Danny wanted to take us out for lunch and he wanted to go to Denny's, I was driving and had no idea where it was...we get to the corner and Danny tells me to turn right..and Elsie points to the anyway i turned right... and we are heading out to the airport, it had been years since i had been there, so i had no idea if there was a Denny's out there.. so anyway we figure out that we are going the wrong direction and we head back into town... Danny tells me to get into the right lane, and Elsie points to the left Lane... so by this time i figure that Elsie knows where she is i follow her directions... and Danny keeps telling me to get into the right lane and that i will be sorry if i don't... well what do i see on the left a couple of blocks up, but Dennys'.... of course we won't let him forget it..she can't talk or write, but she does know where she wants to go... her family calls her the "Mule" as she is so stubborn... Elsie is one the most important people in my life, when we left the coast 38 years ago, she was the Mother that i left behind, she taught me so many things... gardening, canning, cooking,killing chickens, and turkeys and quilting, anything i wanted to know i just had to ask.... she made the very best cottage cheese... and of course as live goes on, we drifted apart, although we would phone each other a couple of times a year...neither her or Danny have changed, they still look the same... Danny does have a hard time as he has to do all the talking, and he won't let Elsie out of his sight... I would love to take her for a walk, just the two of us, and tell her about what i am doing, about the kids, and the animals, but Danny won't let me... so we both have to sit and listen to his old stories... next time i think i will insist that her and i spend time together..I know he loves her dearly, but so do i and i need time with her...
Picked a saucepan full of Convoy cherries,(plum/cherry cross)... just enough to make half a batch of jam..... well i had better get the coffee ready for morning, agility again tomorrow... not too sure how many of us will be there tomorrow... well, good nite.... will write again soon.............. sheila

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