Monday, August 18, 2008

Cooler day in the country

HI..another great day, warm but cloudy all day, and a few showers that lasted a whole 2 minutes... but sure makes it smell good...nothing new or exciting in my life... i have been knitting like crazy, trying to get a shawl done for the October retreat, my show and tell...haven't done any spinning as it is just too hot... we are going to Baillie house on Saturday, so will take my new JOY, i really love the idea that it is in a bag, NO DUST on it... and very easy to pick up and go, and not lose my flyers and bobbins if i don't carry it right... Thanks to Lynne, Sharon and Karen for letting me know that they read this garbage..just over 2 months left till Desert Mesa Retreat... i can hardly wait... I have got someone out to look at the old ewes and ram on Friday...hopefully she will take them, and i will have 5 less sheep...and then i just have to figure out how to get some of the Shetlands to Toni... i had a real brown lamb this year... and i mean brown, went to take my camera out to take their pictures today, but the batteries were dead... she is a lovely dark brown, we thought she was black when she was born, but is a lovely chocolate brown now...i have a nice selection of colours now... I also got my Oregon grape jelly done on Saturday along with my black currant, L really like the Oregon grape, a friend is getting me a deer for the freezer this year, and i love the Oregon grape jelly with i said nothing exciting in my life, although i do have an agility class tomorrow with Jesse, hope it doesn't rain.... see ya sheila

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Sharon in Surrey said...

A DEER for the freezer?! I got a hind quarter still on the bone a couple of years ago . . . it was sooo good!! Since I had to butcher it on the kitchen counter, we didn't exactly have any recognizable cuts but did enjoy a pile of stews & soups when I did get thru! I'd love to sneak up & raid your freezer!!!!