Thursday, August 14, 2008

great squirrel hunters

Here is Jackson and Dixie trying to stare down a squirrel, the squirrel was really angry, just chattering at them... they must have sat there for an hour staring at the squirrel... Nothing to exciting today,yesterday, i made apricot jam (2 batches) and one red currant jelly, which didn't set, so i have to reboil it... darn it anyway...and i have been getting the juice out of black currants today... and it is really hot almost 90 degrees, L changed the thermometer back to F... rest of the Dressage is on the tube this afternoon, it is nice to watch, but i prefer the show jumping, only thing i really don't like about that is that you have to have money to do show jumping.. got to go shower and get supper ready for an early one, agility class time has changed to nite, so have to leave here early... see ya soon............. sheila

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Sharon in Surrey said...

100 blogs eh?? That's a lot of ranting, raving, complaining & dog stories!! LOL Not much knitting or spinning content though . . . wouldn't mind the recipe for the apricot jam!! I check your blog regularly, so there!!