Monday, October 27, 2008

How come men are such pains at times... for 20 years i have wheeled the wheel barrow around a cut off stump in the gate to the sheep pen, and since Larry has been doing the chores, he dug up the stump... when i asked him to take it out, he ignored me... and the stump, but it is gone he had to wheel the barrow around it twice a day... not an important thing when it bothered me, but he had it out in less than a month when he had to deal with it... oh well, at least it is gone...
Here is my partner in crime, Donna and her buddy Carol...a really good picture, think i will get a copy of it printed off and send it to them...
Love this picture of Toni... i have no idea what she was doing, but the look on her face was priceless..

And this is the infamous "SockLady", Lynn... what a character she is, and a very talented knitter...would love to go visit her one day to see just where she lives..

Matt, the youngest son is coming up today for a couple of days, he has a week off work so is coming up for some R and R... bring his new puppy, so i will get some pictures of her and get them posted.

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