Monday, March 17, 2008

we "Q"ed

I know, I know you have no idea what i mean... Jesse (Grand dog) and i went to our second Agility trial yesterday, had a really great day.. there are several games that you play along with the standard agility runs... one is called the "gamble"... in this game you have to earn 20 points by taking different obstacles worth anywhere from 1 to 7 points... and then you have to finish with what is called the "Main gamble" and that is in this case, 3 different pieces of equipment and you have to send your dog from 10-15 feet away..and you have to do the whole run within 60 seconds, well little wonder dog and i qualified in the gamble, that means no mistakes, and well within the time... which was a real courage booster... we didn't do as well on the standard run, but we did make a 3rd out of 6 dogs.. I had hurt my leg at our regular class on Saturday, and it felt pretty good on Sunday, till i finished my second run, and then it really started to hurt... doesn't hurt when i sit or stand, just when i take a step, it hurts in the back of my knee... i took some Tylenol, but that didn't even touch it, so i scratched Jesse for the last run.. can hardly move this morning, so called Dr and have an appt for this morning... Larry offered to do chores this morning, i think he is afraid if i don't look after my leg, he will have to look after me.... about time don't ya think... sure hope it isn't something serious... i have an agility class on Saturday..can't miss that... it would be like missing a guild meeting, and i really hate to miss one.. next one is Wednesday, i missed the last one, so just have to go... L is going to see his leg surgeon on Wednesday, he will just have to go by himself..i need to go spinning... i need to get a picture of that shawl as i am going to deliver it to it's new owner on Wednesday...
Dr figures i just twisted my knee and sent me for x rays... and put me on anti inflammatories...hope it works..i need to go back to agility... take care

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spinquilt said...

Your shawl is lovely and the broach is very pretty. Hope it is worth a fortune.
Sorry to hear you hurt your knee. Rest it and take your pills and it should be feel better by the next agility class. Sounds like you and Jesse are doing very well in the agility competitions. Congratulations.
Hugs Karen

p.s. I updated my blog and didn't say anything about knives.