Thursday, March 6, 2008

from bad to worse

things are not much better around here... Larry still is feeling like crap... went to Kamloops on Wednesday for his barium x ray... a friend drove him as I got the flu on Sunday in the wee hours of the am, and spent the next two days in he had to do a few chores, but now i am feeling better, but he is feeling rotten... just called the Dr and hopefully he will call me back before bed time, makes one wonder why a Dr takes on so many patients in a day that he can't deal with emergency's... or the day the Dr is on call that he doesn't cut his office patients in half so no one has to wait all day just to see him...
Had a lamb on Sunday, and then two more on Tuesday, and everyone was doing great, full bellies, and warm mouths(sure sign that they had nursed ),went out yesterday am, and found the last two DEAD... no idea why... i think i will get rid of them, i think i have had enough... i only have 4 big ewes and the ram left, and 10 Shetlands, with no i think i will get rid of the sheep and just keep the llama and the alpacas.. they are fairly easy to handle.. and then not replace any dogs as they go... mainly so i don't have worry about outside chores when we can't do chores... and of course the kids aren't around when you need them..or just plain don't want to help when you need help

what a whinner i am today...i just needed to vent, and you guys are my first choice... Of course i can't go to Fibre Fest this weekend either... i wonder if i will ever leave this place again for something i want to do... I will try to get to agility this Saturday, and then the trial next weekend..hopefully..... i won't know till the day before... got to go.... i am tired of my own whinning... see ya

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