Sunday, March 9, 2008

finally the light at the end of the tunnel

hi... L is finally feeling human... he ended up in ER overnite Thursday nite i guess it was... his hemoglobin was way down, and then we ended up in Kamloops at 7 am for a stomach i had to leave here before 5:30 to get him there in time... they couldn't find anything, so have to go back for a colon scope on Tuesday... but he is definitely feeling better... I even got to go to agility yesterday... anyone want a dog cheap... that darn Dixie... she did really well for the first 45 minutes, but the last 15 minutes almost killed me...she wore me right out... just won't do what i asked her to do...stubborn... and collies aren't usually stubborn, they love to please... she does love to please, until she figures she has pleased me enough, and then it is quits.. and then there is Jesse... what a love, she just goes and goes... she did really well yesterday, we have a trial next Sunday, i hope she does well...we need a boost after fighting with Dixie for weeks and weeks.. i have to figure out how to get Dixie more excited about agility...
I have been knitting away on the shawl... decided that two more pattern sets should just about do it...then i will post a picture..
I didn't get to go to Fibre Fest as we were in Kamloops...did everyone enjoy them selfs....... was it as good as was the new venue...???
Well, i had better go get the HOME GROWN chicken out of the oven.... first real meal we have had in over 2 weeks.... see ya


Sunflower Farm said...

hi I did not get to go either glad you are all on the mend.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Mmmmmm - home grown chickie!! Not as good as home grown piggie but still nice!! I'm also glad you two are on the mend.