Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anyone want an Australian Cattle dog cheap

Anyone want 'Levi'...real cheap... the fool got into the alpacas and llama pen today,... and they SPIT on him when he chases them... he came in the house, and stunk so bad i had to kick him back out...he came in with Larry for supper, and i made him lay in the porch until we had eaten... and then i gave him a bath...he has had so many baths for just the same reason, he just hops into the tub...and is well behaved for his bath... what a foolish dog... It is a real skating rink around here today... we went out for supper last night, and they laughed at me as i wore my cork boots... I had to untie Levi when we got home, and his dog house was surrounded with ice... so i didn't land on my butt..they laughed but i was safe... things are still melting.. but so slippery... nite

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spinquilt said...

AAAAAHHHHH you don't really mean it.