Saturday, January 15, 2011

would ya believe it

Can ya believe it, but my eyes are much better that I don't have to wear glasses to drive any more... of course close vision is degrading, it got to a point where I couldn't wear my glasses to watch tv... but had to wear them to knit and spin...funny things happen with old age...I have worn glasses since i was 14.. and now at 63, i don't have to wear them...  Road was a little slippery going into Kamloops yesterday, but there were rivers of water up on the Coq when i came home, temperature was +8... and -6 when i got home... then it warmed up last night, and turned everything into ice...Levi and i had a crappy day at agility today... hard to believe he was great last week, and didn't care this week... although last week he was tied up all day as we had the gates open as Larry plowed the driveway... maybe next Friday I will tie him up again and see if that works... may be he used up too much energy playing with the pack... we are off to supper and cards tonight... i am going to be really elegant and wear my cork boots (boots with corks-(kind of like studs in tires) tonight... our drive way is like a skating rink...and i don't want to land on my butt... well i had better go get dressed.. think i will wear jeans with my cork boots...nothing too fancy... have a great night.... nite nite

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