Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow and more Snow

We woke up to about 4 inches of snow yesterday... looks great, and covers up all the mess... it did snow on to straight ICE... so we walk very gently.. almost landed on my butt when i went to feed the dogs..
Levi and I had a great day at Agility yesterday, it was probably the best class he had ever run... he was fast, he listened, and he worked away (I could stand in one spot and direct him to the next obstacle) he found a hidden tunnel hole.. i was really pleased with him... the picture is one taken last summer.. Even Wynn behaved herself at class, I take her and put up the Exercise pen so she is learning to stay in it, and learning that i am not too far away..
This is Dixie enjoying the snow... her and Wynn had a great time
 Yankee has been talking up a storm these days, he is just too funny... he told Wynn to "smarten up" the other day, she was jumping at the cage cuz he was teasing her, he is talking more with strangers around, i
think it is because Teresa and the kids are here a lot
We had to put our old tom cat down before Christmas, and Yankee seems to know that he is gone, as he never calls him anymore... now that i think about it, he never call the old dogs after we had to put them ya think that he knows..
I have been practicing "patience"... not sure it is doing any good yet, but i will keep practising... have a great day

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spinquilt said...

No slipping on the ice allowed. The dogs sure look like they are having fun.