Sunday, January 28, 2007

Morning... -11.5 here this morning... ugh... can hardly wait for spring to come... most of the snow is gone, but still lots of ice...
Got to bed way too late last nite, had friends over for a "Prime Rib" dinner... prime rib roast, Dutchess spuds,(twice baked), carrotts and turmips, and brussel sprouts.. Fudge cake and the best ice cream with Raspberry sauce (walmart).. We played 3 games of Canasta..guys against the girls.. we wupped their butts the first game, but lost the last two...they are just like kids..pout when they lose, and gloat when they win..we are going to have to buy a score book, just to keep track of who wins what games..looks like we might have some sun is clean.. so hope things warm up during the day... loads and loads of wash to do today... better get started..have a good one

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