Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm back

Hello, Gail,Karen and Sharon

Now that i know someone reads this stuff, i will try to keep up with you all..
I spent a wonderful fall weekend in Cache Creek, at (affectionately known as)"the Nunnery", full to the rafters we were, but the joy of seeing old friends and meeting new ones was abundant..not just for me but for everyone.. Judy Sue and i left home about 10:30 am on Friday...we just had to stop at Coyote Bluff... gift store on Hwy 1 at the Ashcroft turnoff... and of course we both bought stuff... met Donna at the Log House Restaurant... had a quick lunch and got to the Retreat at 1 pm... got unloaded and started setting up, and guests started showing up at 1:30.. oh well, they had to help set up...wasn't long before everyone was spinning up a storm.."She who won't be notice" and her partners kept us in stitches most of the evening..some spinners sat up spinning to the wee hours, meals of course were great... nothing fancy, just good wholesome meals... Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, popular leaves were a brilliant yellow, lots of laughs, shopping, eating and just plain goofiness(is that a word) Judy Sue did very well selling her mohair, made her happy... had a hoot at Celia trying to make a skein, twisting with the right hand, untwisting with the left.. finally got it all sorted...again spinners spinning to the wee hours.... Sunday is a sad day, no one wants to go home, right GAIL...and in most cases we won't see each other for a year.. maybe 6 months this year... if the Spring Retreat works... maybe we will have a different batch of spinners in the Spring.. lets hope it works out.... better go see what Larry is up too... mucking about with the washer... glad to have ya all there............. Hugs Sheila

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spinquilt said...

See I do read your blog. I changed my name and it's a deal. I will keep mine up if you keep yours up. Blog that is I don't have one of the other.