Monday, December 17, 2007

Count down to my favorite day of the year

Do you know what my favorite day is... nope not Christmas... December 21 SHORTEST DAY OF THE YEAR.... that means spring is coming... and the days are getting longer...i can hardly wait... the weather is warm and the snow is melting and if this keeps up we won't have snow for Christmas... which i won't mind.. Larry is getting around really well on his peg leg, spent the whole day in the shop today... 6 hours... out of my hair... i actually got something done... got gifts wrapped for the coast... Joe and Kelly are heading down on Thursday to see Grandma before Christmas, so they will take them.. They came and watched their Jesse, the wonder agility dog on Saturday, and that little 'witch' won't do a thing to start with... she won't run, she won't go over the A frame or go thru tunnels... she just walked the whole course, the instuctor kept say "what is wrong with her, and are you nervous", i wasn't nervous they are my kids..but i think Jesse figure seeing they were there, she didn't have to do what i told her... then she smarted up on the next run and did really well and by the end of the lesson she was flying over the jumps and thru the tunnels, i think she was just trying to hassle me.. little witch... but the weather was so much warmer, i even ran with my coat off. I started another of those 'flower basket' shawls out of wool, i am hoping that i will have enough is going so much faster this time around, the first one being out of fine silk was tough to knit as sometimes i couldn't see where i was so i had to figure it out from the beginning of the row... but with the wool, it is much easier to see, and i just whip along i stared on Saturday nite, and i am almost half way..just hope i don't run out of yarn, i won't tell you what colour i am using as the person it is for reads this thing.. and i want to give it to her first...i think i will make several of these as i have tons of fibre all spun and ready to do something with... I ordered my new mix master on Thursday and it should be in at Sears tomorrow, then i will start my Christmas baking...nothing exciting, just short bread, old old family recipe..Carmel corn, nuts and bolts, mince meat tarts, and a carrot pudding for Christmas dinner...and butter tarts.... Have a great evening.... talk to ya soon... hugs Sheila

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