Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where does time go

Hard to believe it has been 5 days since i sat down to write to ya all...the weather has been great, above freezing day and nite, snow is melting, water and ice everywhere... only problem with the snow melting that it shows up all of Jackson's toys, buckets, rope and any thing plastic he can get his mouth around..
Got the premium list for the Agility trial on Sunday... and of course i am first in my class, why couldn't i have been 2nd or 3rd..but everyone in our group will help me out...I can't expect too much from us.. this is our very first trial..I just have to remember to have FUN.. i decided to give Dixie a break on Saturday. and just run Jesse the day before the trial... running two dogs wears me right out..and i need to be fresh on Sunday
I got the shawl almost finished, just have to do the lace edging... I had a real mental block yesterday, I wanted to do another set of patterns, it called for 800 yards and i had 900, so thought i would make it fine with enough left over to do the edging... but my mind didn't agree...I made dozens of mistakes in the first 6 rows of the extra set of patterns... the very simplest rows..a definite mind block... so i just quit it and casted off... then i was to add the lace edging.. and can you imagine that i can't figure it has to be very simple as it is a very simple pattern... think i will leave it for a few days and let my wee mind take a break... I do have some lovely jade merino on the will work on that...
Went to the food bank yesterday, what a busy day... we had almost 50 clients yesterday...and 3 new clients.. wore me right out...
Guild is having their fancy yarn workshop on the 22nd...won't be going as i just can see myself leaving Larry yet, he is still using his crutch, so his ankle must be hurting... i would hate to go and then him fall or just hurt his ankle..
Of course i missed Dreamspin in Lake Cowachin last weekend... they only missed me as i didnt bring the homemade Carmel corn..they called me Friday nite... after several bottles of wine...just to say they missed me... what a goofy bunch they are, but i did miss going, although the Coq was closed and is still closed so i would have had to go the Fraser Canyon, and that is extra dangerous with all the truck traffic..Hwy 8 between Merritt and Spence Bridge was closed since last nite with a mud slide between us and Spence Bridge..
I am listening to the "Westminster dog show" encore.. love to watch it.. and see if i can pick the winners.. I did watch some last nite, but got too tired to watch it to the end..better go get my year end for the business done... take care and hugs sheila

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