Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a day with the love of my life

Hi... another beautiful day, not too hot, and not much wind today... Larry and i headed off to Kamloops yesterday, he got tri focals a month or so ago, and he gets head aches from them, so we went to Klps to get them changed to bi focals, well the guys in the shop talked him into trying them again, so they re adjusted them, no head ache yet, but he isn't wearing them, damn him, now we will have to go back to Kamloops again, one good thing that did happen is that the Jimmy heated up again coming home, it has happened to me twice now, once last year, and when i was coming home from Olds,(in Kamloops though), anyway it heated up again when we started home, you know men, they never listen when you say something is wrong with the truck... so now he knows there is something wrong, we are taking it in tomorrow to get the radiator flushed and new coolant..i will be watching it like a hawk from now on...We did have a good day, went to one of the pub's for lunch, bought him a book that someone told him was good.... "talking to heaven" about one man's idea about religion, that we don't have to go to church to believe in God...that God is all around us, he seems to be interested in it...really strange as we are not religious folks, we just enjoy sitting on the deck watching the squirrels and hummingbirds on Sunday mornings... Have been working away on my "sivia harding" falling leaves shawl, the original pattern has beads on it... i didn't have any when i started so i stopped at the "bead connection" in Kamloops, apparently Sivia Harding buys her beads from there...i will add them after i finish the shawl... made a mistake last nite, and for some reason didn't count my stitches, would have found the mistake... missed a YO, so had to rip it back, i found it hard to knit as the colour is so dark... but the pattern is very nice..and it is for a special friend who will be 60 next year... so i have lots of time...I was checking out the black currants tonite, and they are ready, so tomorrow i will start on them... i can remember years that i didn't have any as the ducks had eaten them all as they ripened.. We are even going to start a "HONEY DO" list so that we get everything done by fall... take care and will write soon......... S

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Congrats on your first shawl sale!!! I know I'm behind the times . . . Just catching up on my reading. Don't you have a Job Jar??? Ours used to sit in the middle of the table with the salt, pepper & garlic shakers.