Monday, February 23, 2009

Marie's shawl

Toni just sent me the pictures she took of Marie's 60th Birthday shawl...a month or so early but i wasn't going to see her again... she wanted it made out of some of her own alpaca fibre... this was a white/black cria fleece that when carded together made a truly lovely grey...the pattern is "hanging flower garden" by Evelyn A Clark... it was free, but is now ya have to pay for it...lucky for me i did save it... I have made several of these... and they are easy to knit..

Nothing exciting around here, other than it SNOWED ... only a skiff, but just enough to make things muddy again...Larry left one of the cats in last night... and she drove us nuts... he never isn't too bad if she had been outside during the day, but when she is in all day sleeping, by bed time she is starting to wake up and wants to play...he is going to put her out really early tonight...and maybe we will sleep... sun is shining, so hopefully the snow will be gone soon... am watching the Scotties tournament... boy those women can curl..used to curl when i was a kid... lived in army bases, so they always had things for us to do... used to curl for $2 a year...

Dianne from Manitoba sent me this link to the "wild fibres" juried show... check it out she did the felted critters...really interesting stuff.... better go and clean off my desk.... see ya soon

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