Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wonderful island trip

Left for the coast Wednesday morning last week... went out for Chinese food with my Mom and my baby boy(28 years old) we had a great time... even went out to the Casino for an hour...i made a few bucks but not enough to build me a new house... I left for Toni's about 8 am... i didn't want to miss the ferry, so had a long wait when i got to the Terminal... but it was fine, wondered around the Quay and had a cuppa chia tea, and then read my book for a while..Met Toni at her place, went to visit her Mom, Maria who is a real sweet... I had picked up some roses for Maria, and she loved them...had a cuppa with her and then headed into town for a quick visit with Melody at a great wool shop... can't remember the name... i did buy a pair of bamboo circular needles for my new KAL shawl pattern... then we headed back to Toni's for a nice evening with her hubby... a sweet guy... Then Friday morning we headed into Chemainish (spelling)... wandered thru some neat little shops and then met Melody, Marie, and Cindy for a nice lunch...then headed off to the Retreat... nice drive out there...someday we will head right out to the west coast ... road was a little slippery and muddy going in... but it was great to be there... Had a nice surprise, Anita J was there from N Van, and Jan L was there from Shawnigan Lake... she used to live at Turtle Valley near Chase, and we hadn't seen each other for a couple of years... was great to see Anita again too...hopefully they will both be able to come up to Desert Mesa soon... Marie wasn't able to make it to the Retreat so we had Cindy stay with us...a really sweetie...I almost froze the first night... had pj bottoms, night gown, socks, sweat shirt and i was still cold.. so i went and stole a blanket off another bed... that helped...Great meals while we were there, roast, Yorkshire, veggies, night then ham and scalloped spuds the second night... they also had the really great granola, i don't usually like granola, but everyone was raving about it so i tried some, and it was really good, the best i have ever tried... going to make myself some..

I took some great pictures...this is Melody modelling the shawl she made for her sister in law..feather and fan pattern on a circular shape...
This is a couple of kids who came to play for us...sorry can't remember their names... but they played foot stomping, toe tapping music.. they were great...
She was a skinny little thing,,, hope they do well
This is Melody resting and icing her very sore foot... she wore a ski boot type thingy all weekend... poor baby

This is Toni dancing in her chair... i sure wish i had used my video thingy on my camera... i will just have to learn to use it...It was a great weekend... I stayed overnight at Toni's and headed back to Mom for the night... Matt came over and we went out to the Olive Garden for supper... really great food...headed home around 9 am and was home by lunch... it was really great to get home and back to my new bed.. we had a guild meeting today, Andrea took pictures of the fingerless gloves we make... i will post them as soon as i get the pictures... see ya

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