Friday, March 20, 2009

Fibres West

Sheila and I met early this morning and headed out to Abbottsford for the 2nd annual Fibres West... first time i had been there... and it was good... Sheila and I arrived about 10:30 and were heading across the parking lot, when we heard "hey you guys" and turned around to see Lita, what a lovely surprise.. walked in the door and saw two old friends Irma and Vanessa who i haven't seen in years... 5 at was great to see them... took me at least 20 minutes to get away from the front door, as friends kept coming in the door... lots of friends from the Retreats over the years, even met a lady that was at the very first retreat that i went to with the Chilliwack guild..that had to be 20 years ago...saw lots of good stuff, although i didn't need a thing..and was really good until i found some BFL superwash roving... i have a it is okay... i don't always have a plan, but i do have a plan for this stuff... it felt so nice... going to spin fine (what else) and dye some shade of pink... for a 60th birthday shawl... Karen dear Karen gave me some lovely stitch markers...can hardly wait to try them out... it was a nice day, we left about 2:30 and got home just before 5... i stopped for some Chinese take away... and was home by 5:30.... i am tired, so will finish this and head off to bed... agility tomorrow..
It was wonderful to see all my spinny buddies..wish i lived closer sometimes...oh well... Sheila and Andrea signed up for a weaving workshop in 100 mile, given by Eileen Shannon... wonderful spinner and weaver... she gave our guild it's very first fancy yarn workshop over 20 years ago..well i had better go to bed... read for a while and then crash... it was wonderful to see ya all... HUGs

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Louisa said...

Sorry I missed you, hon'! I wasn't at Fibres West until Saturday. It was really fun, wasn't it? Or maybe that was just the shopping buzz. Heh!