Monday, March 30, 2009

I love WLW


Oh my goodness… it so much easier to insert pictures with this WLW… click on the picture and it is there, instantly…. no waiting… amazing…   this is Dixie after a trip to town with Larry, she won’t get out of his truck(also know as the chick magnet),..1985 Dodge Diesel ram… it is falling apart, but he loves his truck, good on fuel, 4 wheel drive, but it is like Fred Flintstones car you can stop it with your feet… holes in the floor boards…IMG_0014 oh my goodness i love the easy of downloading pictures with WLW.. this is the first flower on my Hoya… Larry moved it outside last year, it was huge, probably 30 feet long and then i couldn’t get it hung back up, so i chopped it up, and took off two black garbage bags of tendrils.. i was afraid it wouldn’t flower this year, but it is growing like crazy and blooming..IMG_0003 and this is the Alpaca fleece that Barb McDonald sent me last week… lovely cinnamon, and a rich mahogany..i have decided to make a sideways vest.. with hand carded thick yarn.. i have some white from one of my old alpacas, i think the three colours will make a nice winter vest for agility…got my last gift shawl finished and blocked.. it looks good, will get a picture of it at next guild meeting, and will put it up when she gets it… Larry is off picking up some good junk from a neighbours… they have to move a hay shed, and it has tons of good junk around it… he has been there all i am sure his truck is full…. can hardly wait to publish this, it is so easy now….try it out…

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Louisa said...

Told ya you'd like WLW! Nice photos.