Monday, March 9, 2009

What happened to Global warming

-9 here this morning..and only warmed up to -5 during the day...sun is shining and the wind is blowing..have no idea what the wind chill will be... too damn cold that is for sure...

Jesse and I went to Agility trial in Kamloops yesterday..the arena was on the Thompson River, and the wind was was really really cold...lucky we were inside, but Jesse wore her sweater all day, we had a good day, although we didn't qualify in anything...we ran a clean run in Jumpers , but over time... they gave us 47 seconds and it took us (me) 62... then we messed up in Gamblers,she missed the last two jumps.. then Jesse decided to go around the first jump in the Standard, something she never we had 5 faults that time.. and then in the Steeplechase, we were 1.25 seconds over the time. We did have a good time though... next one is in May, so we will have to work on our times, and i will need to start going to the pool, and walk on the tread mill there and then swim for half and hour, and then start walking the dogs every day.. I didn't eat enough while i was at the trial, and ended up with an upset stomach and i have a very queasy i didn't sleep very well on Saturday nite, and that always gives me an upset tummy... didn't make it home without upchucking(sorry to be so graphic) crawled into bed and stayed there till morning... still feeling weird today..
I have been working on the gift shawl and am not making any mistakes, which sure feels good...must try to get it finished soon...only about 15 rows of pattern left to do... well over 400 stitches in a row...
Did a bunch of laundry today... usually try to do it Sunday, but not this week...having the gang over for cards this weekend, need to figure out what we should have for supper...might just have roast beef, yorkshires, mashed garlic spuds, and veggies, fudge cake for the guys and Angel food cake (really low in calories) with blueberries for the girls..
Dont ya love the day light savings time... 15 to 7 and still daylight..
better go and get some knitting done....nite

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